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Campbell school district employees to get pay increases next year

The Campbell County School District board discusses employee salary and health insurance plans at the April 25 meeting. (Mary Stroka/County 17)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Campbell County School District employees will receive salary increases in the 2023–24 school year.

The Campbell County School Board unanimously approved the district administration’s salary and benefit recommendation at tonight’s meeting. Superintendent Alex Ayers and Larry Reznicek developed the recommendations.

The recommendations were the following:

  • Provide a step increase on salary schedules, with an anticipated cost of $1.5 million in ongoing general fund costs.
  • Give employees completing education or training that would provide additional compensation appropriate salary adjustments, with an anticipated cost of $150,000.
  • Raise base teacher salary by $1,500, to be distributed throughout the salary schedule; raise the educational support professional salary schedule by 3.03%, with a distributed percentage throughout the schedule; and raise the base of supervisor, manager, licensed professional and administrator salary schedules in a comparable manner. These actions together carry an anticipated cost of $3 million.
  • With no anticipated increase over 2022–23, give topped-out employees a one-time stipend of 2% to be paid out proportionately in regular checks during 2023–24.

Chair Anne Ochs said that she wishes the school district could pay staff more, as they’re an impressive group.

Staff Communicator Julie Rankin said after the board’s decision that she’s thankful.

“It’s fantastic that the board was able to do what we asked,” she said.

The base salary for certified staff will be $51,000 for the 2023–24 school year, up from $49,500 in 2022–23. It was $49,000 in 2020–21 and 2021–22. The last time there was a $1,500 increase was from the 2014–15 school year to the 2015–16 school year, when it rose from $46,000 to $47,500.

“I’m pleased that our board was able to support both a step on the salary schedules for experience as well as increases to the base salaries for all employees,” Ayers said after the meeting. “That will help the district stay competitive both throughout the state and within the region.”

The district also added another health insurance plan, which has a higher deductible. Previously, this plan was only available to retirees, according to the proposal information sheet. Because of a 4% wellness discount opportunity, there’s a 7.3% increase for all employee medical plans. Ayers said the district has already surpassed a 65% participation goal, which provides a 2% wellness discount. With 85% participation, the district will get a 4% discount in premiums.

Reznicek said he’s confident that the district will achieve that goal. Ayers said he’s grateful for employees’ participation.

Increases to medical plans begin Sept. 1. There will be no changes to dental or vision premiums.