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Wyoming Cannabis Laws: Clues to an Upcoming Legalization!?

In this video, we’ll take a look at the laws in Wyoming and see if there are any clues to an upcoming legalization of marijuana.

As marijuana laws continue to change all over the United States, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest developments. In this video, we’ll take a look at the laws in Wyoming and see if there are any clues to an upcoming legalization of marijuana.

Watch this video to find out whether or not you live in a state that is poised to legalize marijuana soon!

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Hi, everyone. Are you wondering when will marijuana be legal in Wyoming? This is Christina Williams with Just criminal Law.

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And I’m David Mann, legal storytelling specialist. Yeah, that’s a good question. I actually you know, I don’t I don’t know about that. I’m sure many people do. I don’t live out there in Wyoming. But I’m wondering, what are the laws right now on marijuana in Wyoming?

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Well, for a misdemeanor amount. You know, something that’s even just part of a gram. It is punishable by up to a year and $750 in fines. And if you have more, if you have a felony amount, you’re looking at potential consequences of, you know, losing your rights like your right to vote, your right to have a firearm. So in Wyoming, while we still consider pPossession of marijuana, very serious.

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So it sounds like it’s it’s just about as serious as having drugs that we would consider to be more serious, like cocaine or heroin. So is it the same as that?

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Absolutely. Marijuana is a schedule one controlled substance. And what that means is it’s right there in the same category as methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine. Marijuana is a schedule one controlled substance, and it’s a serious offense if you are convicted.

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Wow. So right across the border in Colorado, it’s fully legal or for the most part. And then they come across people come across into Wyoming and probably expect it’s the same and it’s really, really not. So that all those laws apply. But there there are people trying to get this changed, right?

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Yes, there are advocates out there who are wanting to decriminalize marijuana, and that is make it, you know, just a small fine. If you’re found in possession of it, $50 for the first two offenses. And then up to $75 for the third offense with no possibility of jail time. Now, that’s for people in possession that don’t have a medical card or a medical reason to have marijuana. They’re also proposing that we legalize medical marijuana and allow individuals who need it medically to possess up to 20 grams legally.

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Wow. Okay. So that’s a pretty huge difference from the way it is right now. Just a just a really kind of minor fines as opposed to huge consequences. So that sounds reasonable. But where does this the movement to legalize marijuana, where does that stand in Wyoming right now?

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Well, leading up to last week, the people who were, you know, trying to put forth a law that would legalize the medical marijuana and decriminalized possession for those who don’t need it medically. They were gathering signatures. They actually gathered enough signatures. They gathered nearly 50,000, but unfortunately they needed to spread those signatures across all the counties in Wyoming. And that’s where they fell short. So more than enough signatures just not spread out across the whole state. So unfortunately, it will not be put on the ballot in 2024. And they’re going to still try to work with legislators to legalize marijuana. But it’s a much more difficult road to to actually pass the law rather than have the voters legalize it. So that’s where we are.

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This petition that actually didn’t go didn’t work out, that was just to get it on the ballot, to be voted on. That wasn’t that wasn’t to actually change the law. Is that right?

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Correct. But, you know according to the advocates of legalizing marijuana, they’ve taken polls and and it seems that most Wyoming voters do support legalizing marijuana, a majority. So they do believe if they were able to get it on the ballot, that they could pass the law.

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Hmm. Okay. Well, so at this point, that particular initiative sounds like it is not worked out. But I have a feeling with that many people who are invested in it, it’ll come around again. And maybe people listening to this video right here can do something to help the cause.

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Sure, they can contact Wyoming Norm Normal N O R M L and see how they can help become part of the movement if they feel strongly about legalizing marijuana, they certainly can roll up their sleeves and help the movement.

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Okay. In the meantime, with it still being illegal. Sometimes people run into legal trouble regarding marijuana possession or use, and they may need to get in touch with you. So how might they do that?

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We’ll include a link in the description where they can call, text or chat with a member of my team anytime, day or night. Here at Just Criminal Law. We know you only get one shot at Justice, so make yours count.

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