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Don’t Bust Your Jaw on Mutton – Eat Wyoming Lamb

Who are your guys? You’ll find your lamb guys ranching near Douglas. The Boner and Moore families raise sheep and cattle out on the rolling sagebrush grasslands. They market their Wyoming-grown lamb through The Lamb Guys. It’s a nickname turned business name that grew from friends and neighbors knowing to call the Boners and Moores for good lamb meat.

You, too, can know The Lamb Guys. And, you can serve their lamb at your table. 

Here’s how: 

  1. Order Online to stock your freezer with Wyoming-grown lamb.
  2. Pick It Up at your town’s customer pick-up location, or choose delivery to your doorstep.
  3. Chef It Up! Cook and grill it into entrees to gather around. 

So, shop now on www.eatwyoming.com . In the meantime, find your next recipes for your local foods on the Eat Wyoming blog.

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