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Campbell high school boosters club begins taking nominations June 1

Campbell County High School was evacuated and then reoccupied this morning following the odor of smoke.

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Campbell County High School alumni may be eligible for induction to a hall of fame community.

The Camel Hall of Fame, which is under the umbrella of the Camels Booster Club, was founded in 2022 to recognize the rich tradition of success at the school, Camels Booster Club Secretary Julie Rankin said.

“It serves as a means of honoring and recognizing the individuals who made significant contributions to the academic and athletic programs at our high school, as well as our distinguished alumni who have excelled through their community involvement or in the business world,” she said. “The Hall of Fame honors the contributions and accomplishments of these individuals and teams who are worthy of recognition as examples for others to emulate.”

Induction ceremonies take place annually, she said.

Rankin said the Camel Hall of Fame will begin taking nominations June 1. The Booster Club will release the nomination form on its website and Facebook. Nominations are due Sept. 1. There’s no fee to nominate someone.

Nominees become eligible 10 years after they graduate from high school. They must be a high school graduate, though the selection committee will consider individuals who had unique circumstances that prevented them from graduating. They must represent the Camel tradition of excellence. 

Coaches with coaching experience at Campbell County High School are eligible if they’re inactive and if their accomplishments, individual or teams, merited league or statewide recognition. They must also have made significant contributions to the school’s programs and demonstrated coaching ability, loyalty to CCHS, leadership, character and significant contribution to their teams and the sport or activity they coached.

“The same ethical and life standards expected of his/her athletes shall also characterize the life of the coach,” the

Team nominees must be championship teams that attained record status. Team honorees will be given to those who were awarded varsity letters for the honored season.

Exceptional leadership, character, loyalty to CCHS and the passion for, and support of, the success of CCHS is paramount for nominations of administrators, staff, volunteers and supporters.

The club will announce inductees at the beginning of November and then have a banquet and ceremony in January 2024.