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Library board approves questions for staff survey

Library staff can take a survey regarding their experience with the public and other staff.

Campbell County Public Library in Gillette (Mary Stroka/County 17)

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GILLETTE, Wyo. — Campbell County Public Library Board unanimously passed a survey tonight that library staff will be able to take anonymously.

The survey follows multiple comments that library staff have felt attacked by library patrons during the years-long controversy over certain books in the children’s and young adults’ collections.

Vicki Swenson said in October that she’s heard from other people that librarians have been emotionally traumatized over the past 14 months. For example, people have come into the library and called the librarians names and made personal attacks, which is sad and unnecessary.

Board Member Chelsie Collier said she and a counselor, H.O.P.E. Counseling Services Kelley Boltin, sought to create an unbiased survey to capture staff’s perspective. Boltin volunteered to help create the survey.

The library board also approved March 27 a collection development policy document that they will vote on after a 45-day public comment period.