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New home approved for local Veterans of Foreign Wars outpost

The old Campbell County Road and Bridge building on S. 4-J Road will serve as the new home for the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7756.

A veteran saluting (flysnowfly/Shutterstock)

GILLETTE, Wyo. – The local Veterans of Foreign Wars post has a new, permanent home following a decision by the Campbell County Commissioners on Tuesday. 

During their meeting on March 21, the commissioners approved leasing 2,500 square feet of the old Campbell County Road and Bridge Building on S. 4-J Road to VFW Thunder Basin Centennial Post 7756 to serve as a permanent meeting space. 

The lease will be automatically renewed on an annual basis with the post paying $1 per month for rent, according to the decision.

With the approved lease agreement, the space gives the post its own conference room to display flags and materials, a bathroom, storage, and auxiliary meeting space, according to retired Army Colonel Denton Knapp, who addressed the commission on behalf of the Campbell County Veteran’s Council. 

Lee Yake, commander of VFW Post 7756, said the agreement was years in the making. 

“I appreciate you looking at this and it will be a big jump for us,” Yake said. “We’ve been working on a home post for eight years; it’s finally coming to fruition.”

Commissioner Jim Ford said helping veterans is something the community feels passionate about and it is brought up consistently through the county’s Optional One Percent surveys. 

“While this isn’t a direct distribution of our One Percent funds, this is one of those things we can do to support the veterans of Campbell County,” Ford said, adding that Wyoming has the highest number of veterans per capita than any other state, and most Wyoming veterans reside in Campbell County. 

“So, I support what you’re doing there, I appreciate you and the work that you do there,” Ford said.