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(OPINION) Letter: Campbell County officials’ hypocrisy is on display

"I am absolutely appalled at the state of this county and our so called county officials," Stephanie Davis-Kwek writes.

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Dear Gillette,

I have been trying to decide how to put my thoughts articulately in to words on this issue for two years. I hope you will read it and digest it and form your own opinion but mostly I hope you have an opinion that’s your own and not spoon fed to you by the media or your “community leaders.”

I am absolutely appalled at the state of this county and our so called county officials.

Recently one of them allowed as how my well thought out opinion didn’t matter because I’m of the minority. He then deleted it along with all of his other comments and his entire campaign page full of blatant hypocrisy.

Well, let me tell you something. My family built this county. We have been here for over 100 years. We have sat in your chair, we have been mayors, school board members, state legislators, business owners, shareholders in the most successful businesses in town, and we are extensive property holders. We helped build the courthouse you use as your weapon of bigotry and hypocrisy as well as the library you are trying to dismantle. I can quite confidently state we have paid more in taxes than any one of your vocal minority and we have 1,000% been more involved in the building of this county than any one of you and continue to be.

We have also been church members. For the same amount of time. Many of us in the oldest and most established church in the county.

We are Campbell County to our souls and my opinion sir, matters.

I am embarrassed to see Campbell County make national news repeatedly over this nonsense. We are rapidly sliding backward to the days we made news for “Gillette syndrome.” That was gross and so is this.

My issue is that not one of you care about our kids. You care about hearing yourselves speak. If you cared about kids you would be investing in mental health, social services, etc… so you were caring for the most vulnerable of our population. You do not. You have cut funding to entities in town that provide for the most vulnerable of us. So you do not get to pretend this is about the children.

I am sick to my soul of your hypocrisy and lies.

You act like you sit on a throne of morality and yet a quick GNR search of your name and others shines the light on you quite clearly.

But more, you’re all public in your hypocrisy quite often. You got out your torches when you felt Shay was wronged and railed against “cancel culture” and government overreach. Yet here you sit TWO YEARS IN trying to trample the civil liberties of those who choose to live their lives differently.

In Jesus’s final hours he washed feet. He did not attack others. He spent his time loving lepers, prostitutes, and even those who would seek to do him harm beyond our comprehension.

Do not think just because I choose to live my life loving and helping people that I do not know God or the Bible.

My only comfort at this time is that you will all answer for the hate in your hearts and the way you chose to live your lives behind closed doors. I’m quite confident in my choices and my walk with God. It would appear you are as well. But we seem to have vastly different notions of how we were asked to live that walk.

Stop using God and taxpayer dollars as your pillar because it crumbles every single time you expose your own bigotry, hypocrisy, and the hate in your hearts which you do. Often.

Stop making Campbell County the laughing stock of the country.

You choose what you and your kids read and digest and I will choose for mine because that is my right as a mother, as a taxpayer, and as an American.


Stephanie Davis-Kwek