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Campbell school board will meet March 14

The agenda includes approval for a $150,000 bid for aquatic center materials testing. To learn more about this and other agenda items, check out C17's meeting preview.

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Campbell County School District Board of Trustees will meet March 14 at 6 p.m. in the Educational Services Center, 1000 W. Eighth St., Gillette.

According to the agenda, the meeting will include presentations from Twin Spruce Junior High School students and staff, Prairie Wind Elementary School’s academic report, Campbell County Veterans Council Executive Board Member Denton Knapp’s presentation on establishing a Junior Reserve Office Training Corps for the district and approval for a $150,000 bid from Inberg-Miller Engineers for aquatic center materials testing.

I. CALL TO ORDERAnnouncements
Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
A.   CelebrationTwin Spruce Junior High School Principal Dana Lyman will introduce STEM Teacher Karen Trigg and her students, who will showcase STEM 3D Water Cycle, STEM Crane, STEM Scratch, Makey, Atom Model, and Robotics. 
B.   Academic ReportsTwin Spruce Junior High School Principal Dana Lyman will provide an academic report for Twin Spruce Junior School. Prairie Wind Elementary School Principal Rory Williams will provide an academic report for Prairie Wind Elementary School.   
III. CONSENT AGENDAAny member of the board may request an item be removed from the consent agenda for discussion.APPROVAL
A.   MinutesApproval is requested of minutes of the regular board meeting held on February 28, 2023. Approval is requested of minutes of the special board dinner meeting held on February 28, 2023
B.   Human Resource   ActionsApproval is requested of actions taken by the Human Resource Department based on recommendations made by supervisors. 
1. Educational Support Personnela.  Resignations
b.  Terminations
c.  New Hires-Regulard.  Transfers
2. Certifieda.  Recommendation for Re-Hire for 2023-2024 School Year
b.  Resignations
c.  New Hires-Regular
d.  New Hires-Certified Summer School
e.  New Hires Substitutes/Temporaries
f.  Transfers
g.  Extra Duty Resignations
h.  Extra Duty Recommendations
C.   Approval of WarrantsAdministration recommends approval of current warrants as provided. 
D.   Approval of Bids andQuotesAdministration requests approval of the following bids and quotes:
1. Conestoga Elementary IT Room Safety Upgrade
2. Construction Administration and Design Services for 2023 Asphalt Improvements
3. District Concrete Repairs
4. Classroom Management Software
5. Campbell County High School and Twin Spruce Junior High Schools HVAC Services
6. Maintenance Building Heat Detectors Installation
7. Rozet Elementary Magnetic Door Holders
8. Rozet Elementary Safety Upgrades  
9. District Eureka Workbooks Annual Renewal
10. Aquatic Center Materials Testing
11. Coal Boiler Removal for Paintbrush, Rawhide, and Wagonwheel Elementary Schools
12. Paintbrush Elementary Hallway Painting
13. Westwood High School Water Heater Replacements
14. District Boiler/Chiller Water Treatment
15. District Fertilizer
16. Maintenance Department 4×4 Pickup
17. Servicing of Fire Extinguishers and Kitchen Hood Systems
18. Wagonwheel Elementary Classroom Door Locks
E.    Approval of Contracts and AgreementsAdministration requests approval of the following contracts and agreements:
1. Rozet Elementary Jumphouse Mania LLC Rental Agreement
2. Lakeview Elementary Fun on the Go Contract
3. District Unified Talent (TalentEd) Professional Learning and UT Professional Learning LMS Integration Schoology 3-Year Agreement with PowerSchool
4. Special Education Service Agreement with Kelsey Ludemann
F.    Resolution to Conduct BusinessAdministration requests adoption of a resolution to conduct business between the board meetings of March 14, 2023 and April 11, 2023. 
G.   Cancellation of   WarrantsAdministration requests cancellation of unpaid warrants in conformity with State Statute 21-13-102. 
H.   Meeting CancellationAdministration recommends the cancellation of the March 28, 2023, regular board meeting. 
I.      Textbook Adoption·   Elementary ELA ResourcesAdministration recommends approval of elementary ELA resources as detailed in the attachment. 
J.    GrantsAdministration requests approval to participate in the WDE Perkins Industry Recognized Credential Reimbursement program. 
K.   Student ExpulsionsAdministration requests that Student #38, Student #39, Student #40, Student #41, Student #42, and Student #43 be expelled for one calendar year with early re-admittance under strict probation. 
L.    Isolation ApplicationsAdministration recommends approval of Isolation Application #1. This application was provided to the Board for review. 
 Consent Agenda Ends 
A.   Junior Reserve      Officer Training Corps  (JROTC)Denton Knapp, Executive Board Member for the  Campbell County Veterans Council, will provide information regarding the Junior Reserve Office Training Corps (JROTC) and the potential to establish programs within the District.INFORMATION/ DISCUSSION
V. PUBLIC COMMENTSAre there any public comments for the good of the order?  A response by the board will be based on available information and necessary research. 

The board’s also meeting March 14 for a board retreat at Lakeway Learning Center. At the retreat, the board will review the Strategic Plan Monitoring Document.

Campbell County School District has spring break March 20 to 24.

At the Feb. 28 meeting, the board approved the following HR actions.