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Obituaries: Locatelli; Mittieder

Stephanie Renee Locatelli

Stephanie Renee Locatelli: 1980 – 2023

Stephanie Renee Locatelli was born on July 20, 1980 to Mark Garside and Vicky Kroh. She spent most of her life in Riverside, CA, before moving to Gillette WY & Wright WY in 2016. 

Stephanie was a light to be around. She loved with every inch of her body. She loved her kids so much. Stephanie was the fun of the party. She knew how to make everyone laugh. She was also wild, and always ready to do whatever, but from a distance. She loved being crafty and making things, always using her hands to keep herself busy. She brought laughs to the tables that were silent. She was full of compassion and love. 

Stephanie met the love of her life, Jason, at age 13 , in middle school. Jason Baham and Stephanie spent many years together, filled with so many memories. They traveled, had plenty of laughs, and a home full of love. No matter what problem they faced, at the end of the day they were best-friends, who spent every second together, and they faced the challenges. If you saw Stephanie, Jason was somewhere near by.

Stephanie was welcomed into Jason’s family with open arms, and for the past 3 decades they did nothing but love on her. Stephanie took her last breath’s next to Jason. She wouldn’t have wanted to have it, any other way. Jason was the one she would lean on when she was having a bad day, the one who made her smile when she didn’t want to smile, and the one who completed her. 

Stephanie had 5 children. Andrew Locatelli, 2001. Rylee Locatelli, 2004. Connor Baham, 2007. Madyson Baham, 2008. Alexander Baham, 2013. 

Stephanie made sure her children’s lives were full of eventful memories. She loved her kids more than anything in this world. She worked hard to provide for her children. She came with the best advice for them, she always knew what to say and what to do. Stephanie loved her children with every bone in her body. She was one phone call away, no matter if she was at work or in the middle of an important conversation.

Stephanie loved to cook for her kids, she made the best home cooked meals. She would stop working, if any of her kids needed anything. Stephanie’s brother, Christopher and her were best friends as well. They spoke every day 3-4 times a day.

Stephanie raised Christopher, he was her rock and she was his light in this dark world. Stephanie spent the last few years of her life in Wyoming, being surrounded by people she loved, new memories full of ‘look at the cows!’, as well as loving the weather. It was something different than California’s one season. Summertime. She loved traveling to the surrounding states. Moving to Wyoming was a change in scenery, and she loved the scenery. Gillette and Wright welcomed her with open arms. 

Stephanie is survived by her 4 children, brother Christopher, partner Jason, and mother Vicky

Scott Allan Mittlieder

Scott Allan Mittlieder: August 30, 1962 — March 6, 2023