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Obituaries: Moore; Sanchez

Kinley Moore

Kinley Moore: June 18, 2021 — February 26, 2023

Kinley Greyson Moore, age 20 months, passed away peacefully on February 26, 2023, at her home on the ranch, in Wright, WY.  Kinley was born on June 18, 2021, to parents Todd and Wendy Moore.  When Kinley first came home and met her big sister, Allizah; Allizah was overwhelmed with an abundance of excitement, love and joy, that couldn’t be expressed into words.  Kinley was a, curious ball of energy, that continually was in touch with her surroundings, and life on the ranch.  Her mischievous, infectious laugh and smile could not help but bring a burst of warm joy and happiness, to anyone in her presence.

She greatly loved her snuggle time with Mom and Dad, and whoever else, she could get to pick her up.  Whenever she smiled, her entire face lit up like a ray of sunshine.  Though, she hadn’t started talking yet, she could GRRRRRRRRRRR, with the best of them.  Even her doctor mentioned that she had never been GROWLED at before.

Kinley loved to mimic her big sister and parents: from cooking with her pots and pans, to playing dinosaurs, and even sneaking in a “Boop” on someone’s nose. According to Allizah, she would knock down her towers that she built.  They loved to chase each other around the house, playing pirates, or dressing up in whatever vintage dresswear Mom had available.  Even when Allizah would be getting her hair combed, Kinley would wiggle her little butt, backing herself in to try and get a brush ran through her Crazy, Fuzzy Hair too.  She also had that devious, devilish look, and being strong willed, she LOVED to “test” Mom and Dad.  From crawling up and sitting on the counter to sneak and eat candy, to assisting with the unfolding of laundry and taking her laundry basket boat for a ride. She also “borrowed” some of her big sister’s markers and recolored the trim on the windows of Mom and Dad’s new house along with “touching up” a few other spots she thought that needed some color added to it too.  Another past time of hers was climbing up the stool and flashing the lights on and off while Mommy and Daddy tried to cook.  Her and her sister loved to jump around, and dance to any sort of music available.  Kinley loved to have books read to her, and when no one was available, she would also attempt to read them herself.

Kinley loved interacting with her cousins: from getting her nails painted, or getting pulled around for wagon rides. Swinging through the air by her arms was a highlight too. Building fences and tearing them apart was another favorite past time along with pushing tractors around.  She even introduced her Safari animals to the ranch way of life, which the cheetah didn’t last long with Allizah the mighty hunter around.

She would diligently feed her dog Kona, even though it was dumping the entire bag of treats on the floor.  Meowing at the kitties through the window and trying to catch them on the deck made Kinley laugh too.

She loved to go out to feed cows and see all of her animals.  Feeding the cows out of her little tiny hand though, was a little intimidating to her when their tongues were bigger than she was, but she would still giggle.  Checking out all of Daddy’s hunting trophies brought excitement to her eyes too.

Kinley was preceded in death, by her Grandparents “Papa” Mike Moore, and Grandpa Greg and Grandma Cheryl Hudson.  She is survived by her parents Todd and Wendy Moore, big sister Allizah Moore and puppy sister Kona, “Granny” Dalene Moore, “Great Granny” Janet Clements, Uncle Wade Hudson, Uncle JD Moore, cousin Bronson Moore, Uncle Casey and Aunt Stephanie Styvar, cousins Brylee and Korbin Styvar and Uncle Rashid Khan and Jenn Moore, along with a host of other Great Aunts and Uncles, and various cousins.

Even though, Kinley was with us for an extremely short time, she had an impact on everyone that had a chance to meet her.  It has been a reminder that has pulled many of us back together, and a reminder to realize how important it is to make every moment count and cherish them, and to take the time to hug those around you.  Live life like Kinley Greyson:  strong willed and determined, loving and caring, snuggling every chance you get and ALWAYS GIGGLE ALONG THE WAY!

Celebration of Life will be Saturday March 11, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. at the Family Life Church with Pastor Marty Crump officiating. Immediately following the service, there will be a luncheon at the church until 1:30 pm.  At this time anyone who wants to follow the processional is welcome to proceed to Four Mile Cemetery, near the ranch south of Gillette about 43 miles to a place of rest.  Everyone is invited to 4-J School afterwards, to gather for more conversation and cookies. There will also be a viewing for family and friends on Friday March 10, 2023 from 3 :00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Gillette Memorial Chapel

Even though God had bigger plans for Kinley that day, all efforts put forth by First Responders, are so greatly appreciated.  Their heart felt efforts will never be forgotten.  MAY KINLEY GREYSON MOORE’S SPIRIT ALWAYS BE WITH YOU! Memorials and condolences may be sent in care of Gillette Memorial Chapel 210 West 5th Street, Gillette, WY 82716. Condolences may also be expressed at www.gillettememorialchapel.com

Beverly Sanchez

Beverly Sanchez: May 24, 1958 — February 26, 2023

Funeral service for Beverly Sanchez will be held at 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at Walker Funeral Home with interment to follow at Mt. Pisgah Cemetery. On February 26, 2023, Bev Sanchez, at age 64, departed this world and entered into heaven. 

She was born Beverly Jean on May 24, 1958 in La Crosse, WI to Harold and Joan (Mauss) Welper, joining her older brother Gary. She spent most of her young life in Waukon, IA, before moving to Gillette in the mid 70’s with her family. Gillette is where she remained for the rest of her life.  

Bev had three daughters, Beth, Julie and Jody, and one son Cristian whom she loved dearly and devoted her life to raising the children mostly as a single parent. From her kids, she was blessed with six grandchildren, and that is where Bev truly shined. Her grandkids were her utmost priority in the later part of her life, often times she’d argue with the parents that her grandkids could do no wrong. She’d love to take her grandkids on the weekends and keep them until Sunday night, spoiling them rotten.

Even after losing her leg, therefore her ability to drive, her grandkids would often go to grandmas to play cards with her, take her shopping or just sit and talk for hours. 

Bev spent her life working as a caregiver in one form or another. She was a CNA for many years before starting to work with disabled adults before being forced into early retirement due to her health. Bev fought a long time through several health battles, amputations and grief one woman should never have to endure before finally leaving this earth following a brief illness. 

She was welcomed into heaven by her father, Harold, daughters Jody and Beth, brother Gary and husband Ramon, along with lots of other family and friends.

She leaves behind several heartbroken loved ones, including her mother Joan, daughter Julie (Gabe), son Cristian, son-in-law, Jose Aguilar and her six grand babies, Evan, Landon, Mason and Gabby Koerper and Dom and Izzy Aguilar, sister-in-law Nancy, and nephews Michael (Nancy), Robert (Derek) and Brian (Amber) Welper. Along with several other loved ones who will miss her terribly. 

Memorials and condolences may be sent in care of Gillette Memorial Chapel 210 West 5th Street, Gillette, WY 82716. Condolences may also be expressed at www.gillettememorialchapel.com