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Arrests, Arraignments for Monday, Feb. 27

Here are the arrests and arraignments for Monday, Feb. 27.

Just Criminal Law Arrests & Arraignments on County 17

Arrests are as provided by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. Some names have been withheld at the request of law enforcement. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filing by the Campbell County Attorney’s Office.

This list has been supplemented with information on arraignments from the courts. Arrests will be reported after compiling the information from law enforcement press briefings on the prior day(‘s’) events. Arraignments (which occur each business day at 1:30 p.m.) will be included for the previous business day.


  • Thomas S. Alden, Gillette, domestic battery
  • Marissa L. Bloom, Gillette, 24/7 first violation — probation breath test
  • Tyrone J. Bonner, Gillette, bond revocation x 5
  • Steven R. Brown, Gillette, sanction
  • Unidentified individual, simple assault, domestic battery, unlawful entry into an occupied structure and attempts to commit battery or domestic battery x 2
  • Brayden I. Fyffe, Gillette, DWUI .08% after 2 hours after driving
  • Isabella G. Gazzola, Gillette, domestic battery
  • Jodi A. Hager, Gillette, sentenced prisoner
  • Unidentified individual, burglary
  • Thomas I. Kindt, Gillette, contempt — municipal bench warrant
  • Kevin J. Martin, Gillette, alcohol greater than .08%/DWUI, driving with canceled/suspended/revoked license
  • Sandra L. Merriman, Gillette, probation violation/revocation
  • Micheal W. Mullis, Wright, domestic assault
  • Tyler R. Norris, Casper, bond revocation x 4
  • Chad A. Olesen, Williston, North Dakota, proof of financial responsibility, leave accident/other vehicle, DWUI .08 after two hours after driving
  • Payton G. Oliver, Gillette, 24/7 first violation — PBT
  • Joshua A. Sivers, Moorcroft, impeding traffic, DWUI controlled substance to a degree which renders incapable of safely driving
  • James D. Stephens, Gillette, DWUS (subsequent offenses), compulsory auto insurance, contempt of court/bench warrant x 2
  • Bruce A. Stevenson, Gillette, DWUI .08% after 2 hours after driving, speeding
  • Teri M. Turner, Gillette, public intoxication
  • Gregory S. Welch, Gillette, use/under influence of drugs


  • Kellie Cossitt, possession of controlled substance
  • Jesse Heppner, driving under suspension, no insurance — non-resident violator compact