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(PHOTOS) Campbell residents weather winter storm

Campbell County residents found ways to enjoy the snow and help their neighbors.

Claire Kraycsir bundles up to go outside (Andrew Kraycsir)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — This week, Campbell County received 14 inches of snow over the course of Feb. 20 to 22, leaving a snowpack of 12 inches, the National Weather Service in Rapid City, South Dakota, reported.

Campbell County residents found ways to enjoy the snow and help their neighbors. Many submitted photos to County 17.

Ten inches of snow fell Feb. 22 in a driveway in Sleepy Hollow. (Julie Blazek)
Snow outside a residence in Freedom Hills (Nat Sams-Gilbert)
Seven inches had fallen by 1 p.m. Feb. 22 near a Foothills residence. (Alyssa Hakert)
Zeus, a cat, plays in the snow (Jill Oberg)
Feeding the cows (Acacia Acord)
Feeding the cows (Acacia Acord)

“I am not sure why we have an ice rink in our backyard, but our hockey-loving daughter is living her best life today,” Randean Klindt said.

(Randean Klindt)

Andrew Kraycsir said his daughter asked what the temperature was. After he told her it was -7 degrees Fahrenheit, she said she wanted to go outside.

Claire Kraycsir bundles up to go outside (Andrew Kraycsir)
Bryson and Brooks of Gillette shovel snow Feb. 21 (their mom)

“These are my neighbors in the 700 block of Rockpile plowing everyone out with their 4-wheelers today,” Harmony Jo Smithhart said. ” The one with a snowblower is my son and he is plowing out the alley so I can get out too. Thanks to them all for being so awesome!”

“Chris Bonter cleared a lot of the 300 block of Rockpile for friends & neighbors, such an angel!!!”

Chris Bonter (Cheryl Brannan)

“Our wonderful neighbor, Tom Ford, who brought his tractor to our cul-de-sac and plowed 7 driveways of neighbors’ houses as well as the street. He has done this before for our neighborhood,” Beth Scott said. “Great guy!”

Tom Ford (Beth Scott)

“Our neighbor was nice enough to shovel our sidewalk for us on Beaver Drive!” Brandy Anderson said. “On Beaver Drive we have a wonderful group of awesome neighbors that look out for each other.”

(Brandy Anderson)

“My husband, Neal Smith, plows five driveways including ours every time it snows,” Amanda Smith said. “He’s on his 7 off from the mine and has plowed snow the last three days. He’s an awesome neighbor to all he helps. He’s a good man. He loves helping others, it’s who he is. It’s also a bit unbelievable when he will clear snow for neighbors and himself after a long work week or after night shifts. He works hard and helps others whether he’s on the clock or off.”

Neal Smith plows a neighbor’s driveway. (Amanda Smith)