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Resolution eliminating electric vehicles by 2035 to be phased out of legislative session


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A resolution that would encourage lawmakers to phase out electric vehicles in Wyoming by 2035 is taking a backseat.

Today is the last day legislations can come out of the Committee of the Whole in each chamber and Senate Joint Resolution 4, which has not received any action since it was referred to the Minerals, Business and Economic Development Committee on Jan. 13, is on the chopping block.

Sponsors of the resolution express support for eliminating the sale and purchase of electric cars in the state by 2035, writing that gas-powered vehicles are essential to the state’s industries and businesses.

Wyoming’s vast stretches of highway and lack of electric vehicle charging infrastructure also makes the widespread use of electric vehicles impracticable, according to the document.

If legislatures had passed the resolution, copies would be sent to lawmakers at the federal level and to the governor of California.

In August 2022 California lawmakers voted to ban the sale of gas cars by 2035 in an effort to combat climate change.

Co sponsors of the resolution include Sens. Jim Anderson, Brian Boner, Ed Cooper and Dan Dockstader and Reps. Donald Burkhart and Bill Henderson.


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