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CCH Patient Access Center to go online Feb. 1

On Feb. 1, a new Patient Access Center will go online at CCH with expectations that it will streamline and improve patient experiences at the hospital and clinics

Campbell County Memorial Hospital

Campbell County Memorial Hospital (file photo)

GILLETTE, Wyo. – Campbell County Health has announced a streamlined effort to make it easier to access hospital services.  

On Feb. 1, CCH will bring its new Patient Access Center online; a service that makes things like registration, scheduling, insurance verification, appointment reminders, and co-payment collection accessible by calling a single number. 

The PAC will be staffed by CCH employees and is located on the 4th floor at Campbell County Memorial Hospital, according to a Jan. 26 press release. 

According to CCH, the service will result in reduced call wait times, fewer voicemail prompts, reduced check-in/out wait times at CCH clinics, and an overall streamlined patient experience. 

Callers will speak live with a Gillette-based member while avoiding complicated phone trees and an after-hours answering service will handle after-hours calls, CCH says. 

“We anticipate a reduction, if not elimination, of the need to leave a voicemail,” CCH says, adding that patient experience in the clinic will significantly enhance with registration staff focusing only on patient check-in/out without the burden of answering phone calls. 

CCH also anticipates communication with PAC staff will help establish expectations of patient financial responsibilities and the amounts due at registration based on their insurance plan. 

The PAC will initially focus on services provided by clinics in the Campbell County Medical Group, specifically the main hospital and Pulmonology Clinics.  It will expand to include other ambulatory-based clinical services over time, per CCH. 

“CCH is dedicated to becoming Wyoming’s first choice for healthcare and wellness,” the health organization said. “CCMG’s PAC is a critical step in modernizing the patient experience and fulfilling our mission and vision for our community.”