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Arrests, Arraignments for Wednesday, Jan. 25

Just Criminal Law Arrests & Arraignments on County 17

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Arrests are as provided by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. Some names have been withheld at the request of law enforcement. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filing by the Campbell County Attorney’s Office.

This list has been supplemented with information on arraignments from the courts. Arrests will be reported after compiling the information from law enforcement press briefings on the prior day(‘s’) events. Arraignments (which occur each business day at 1:30 p.m.) will be included for the previous business day.


  • Justin Bell, Gillette, 24/7 violation
  • Christopher Estenson, Gillette, warrant- contempt of court
  • Unidentified Individual, felony warrant- third-degree sexual abuse of a minor
  • Joseph Hintz Jr., Gillette, criminal inquiry
  • Brianna Huerta, Gillette, 24/7 violation, warrant- contempt of court
  • Eurisa Marquez, Cheyenne, criminal inquiry
  • Paige McKown, Gillette, sentenced prisoner
  • Adam Najera, Wright, warrant- contempt of court
  • Colm O’Connor, Gillette, sentenced prisoner
  • Dwayne Petersen, Gillette, bond revocation
  • Unidentified Individual, felony warrant- theft
  • Devynn Saathoff, Gillette, warrant- bond revocation (x2)
  • Katerin Zezas, Gillette, warrant- criminal inquiry


  • W.G.H., felony 3rd-degree sexual abuse of a minor
  • Victor Ostling, escape
  • Michael Morgan, failure to appear- false imprisonment, past due fines
  • Robert Edwards, DWUS, no insurance, invalid registration, expired registration, past due fines

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