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Burrito fundraiser raises over $1K for family of Brian Harris 

(Shutterstock/ Brent Hofacker)

GILLETTE, Wyo. – A local baker’s fundraising effort to help the family of a recently deceased man has concluded with over $1,000 raised. 

Megan Aalbers, the baker who took it upon herself to sell breakfast burritos to raise money to help Billy Harris whose son, Brian, died on New Year’s Eve, said she couldn’t say exactly how much was raised out of respect for the Harris family’s wishes. 

“I can only tell you that we were able to give Billy well over $1,000,” Megan said. While she didn’t sell as many burritos as she had hoped to, Megan said she felt the fundraising effort made enough to make a difference. 

Days after learning about Brian’s death from her friend, NaTasha Kinney, Aalbers said she knew immediately that they had to do something, especially since Billy had also recently lost his wife and she suspected he was experiencing difficulty navigating funeral expenses. 

Megan Aalbers (center) sits with NaTasha Kinney (left) and Whitley Knutson at City Brew Coffee on Jan. 6

Orders flooded in after the word got out about the fundraiser; Megan and NaTasha had over 100 orders on the first day alone, they said. 

For Megan, it mattered not that she never had the opportunity to know Brian before his death and that she didn’t know the Harris family personally. All she knew, Megan said, was that her friend was hurting and knew immediately she needed to do something to help. 

According to NaTasha, that’s the way Megan has always been; she’s right there anytime someone needs help and never asks for anything in return. 

This time, however, her ability to help was contingent upon the hearts of Gillette residents and businesses, both of which stayed true to similar past efforts and came together to help the Harris family. 

“The community is just amazing,” NaTasha told County 17 earlier this month, especially when someone puts forth the effort to try. “When you need it, they’re there.”