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World language curriculum, drug test policy on Jan. 10 Campbell school board agenda

GILLETTE, Wyo. — The Campbell County school board’s meetings tomorrow night will include updates on the district’s world languages curriculum, website and more.

The website committee update will take place at the 5 p.m. dinner meeting, which is in the Rocky Point Room at the Educational Services Center, 1000 W. 8th St., Gillette. The board’s regular meeting will follow, at 6 p.m.

The regular dinner meeting will include Paintbrush Elementary School STEM teacher Jami Howe’s students’ hydroponics project. Paintbrush Principal Jenni Gilson will present an academic report for Paintbrush Elementary School.

K-12 World Language Facilitator Beth Faubion will provide a curriculum update.

At the meeting, administrators will ask the board to ratify awarding Wyoming Office Products and Interiors in Casper $13,005.96 from the district’s general fund for 33 new office chairs according to the resolution to conduct business adopted Dec. 13, 2022. They will also ask the board to approve bids and quotes for moist clay, stockroom supplies for 2023-2024, a used 1-ton truck for transportation, PowerSchool Performance Matters training, door closers for three elementary schools, boiler replacement design services at Lakeway Learning Center and an intercom system for Prairie Wind Elementary.

Administrators will ask the board to allow the district to conduct saliva alcohol and drug testing of transportation employees.  Employees who voluntarily notify the district at least 24 hours in advance of an alcohol or illegal drugs test will be eligible for a leave of absence without pay for treatment and rehabilitation for up to six months. If a test is non-negative, employees will be immediately removed from safety-sensitive duties until the district receives further analysis from the drug-testing laboratory. Urine and saliva specimens will be analyzed for marijuana (THC metabolite), cocaine, amphetamines, opiates including heroin, and phencyclidine, which is better known as PCP, according to the policy document that included proposed revisions.

Superintendent Alex Ayers will ask the board to approve the BOCHES agreement between Campbell County School District and the Gillette Community College District.

Resignations, transfers and new hires

Administrators will also ask for approval of the following Human Resources actions:

Aylin Castaneda Special Programs Ed. Asst./Conestoga 12/21/2022
Dasia Gallegos Instructional Teacher Asst./Stocktrail 01/13/2023
Francis Lopez Miranda Bus Driver/Transportation 12/09/2022
Kirstie LaPlante SPEA – HN/Sage Valley 12/21/2022
Deborha McWilliams Bus Driver/Transportation 12/09/2022
Twila Mundschenk Bus Assistant/Transportation 12/13/2022
Jerri Redman SPEA – Ed/TBHS 12/21/2022
Laura Reeves Special Programs Bus Assistant/Transportation 12/20/2022
Patrica Skubal Technology Assistant/Paintbrush 12/20/2022
Tamara Stamey Custodian/Buffalo Ridge 12/02/2022
Tiffanie Sundstrom Custodian/TBHS 12/21/2022
Austin Wilkerson Custodian/CCHS 12/16/2022
Jamie Wilson Campus Supervisor/TBHS 12/08/2022
Darlene Jones Custodian/4-J 01/04/2023
Brian Camilli Custodian/WJSH Replace 01/04/2023
Nicole Carano Safety Patrol/Transportation Replace 12/02/2022
Barbara Chiles Special Programs Ed. Asst./Rozet Replace 12/12/2022
Heidi Conlon SPEA – ASD/Lakeview Replace 12/13/2022
Amanda Crowley Bus Driver/Transportation Replace 01/04/2022
Bradley Downham Bus Assistant/Transportation Replace 01/04/2023
Lily Echols Information Systems Asst./ESC Replace 12/19/2022
Samantha Greenway Custodian/Stocktrail Replace 01/05/2022
Megan Johnson Special Programs Ed. Asst/Lakeview Replace 12/12/2022
Kristin Keller Elementary Office Clerk/Lakeview Replace 01/04/2023
Stephanie Larsen SPEA – High Needs/Conestoga Replace 01/04/2023
Yarelis Maldonado Gonzalez Special Programs Ed. Asst./Stocktrail Replace 01/04/2023
Lydia Martinez-Bartell SPEA – High Needs/Conestoga Replace 01/04/2023
Marianna Miller Bus Assistant/Transportation Replace 12/17/2022
Sierra Morgan Instructional Teacher Asst./Cottonwood Replace 01/05/2023
Baylee Rohde SPEA – ASD/Pronghorn New 12/12/2022
Vic Robertson Campus Supervisor/TBHS Replace 12/13/2022
Claire Schaffer SPEA – High Needs/Recluse Replace 01/04/2023
Vanessa Varieur Floater Custodian/Maintenance Replace 12/14/2022
Andreanna Vines Bus Driver/Transportation Replace 12/20/2022
Nichole Chope Bus Driver in Training/Transportation 12/19/2022
Aaron Vigil Bus Driver in Training/Transportation 01/04/2023
Brittany Day FROM: Special Programs Ed. Asst./Pronghorn TO: Special Programs Ed. Asst./Stocktrail 01/04/2023 Albert Hernandez FROM: Bus Driver In Training/Transportation TO: Bus Driver/Transportation 12/12/2022
Mark Laughlin FROM: Bus Driver In Training/Transportation TO: Bus Driver/Transportation 12/16/2022
Madason Malone FROM: Behavior Assistant/Paintbrush TO: Elementary Office Clerk/Pronghorn 01/04/2023
Shane Roberts FROM: Bus Driver in Training/Transportation TO: Bus Driver/Transportation 11/28/2022
Cheyanne Salugao FROM: Custodian/Stocktrail TO: Elementary Head Custodian/Stocktrail 01/04/2023
Vanessa Varieur FROM: Floater Custodian/Maintenance TO: Custodian/Buffalo Ridge 12/27/2022
Trista White FROM: Bus Driver/Transportation TO: SPEA – ASD/TBHS 01/04/2023
Theresa Buchanan Guidance Counselor/Hillcrest 05/24/2023
Leanna Morton Exc. Child Specialist/Lakeview Replace 01/04/2023
Kylie Brown Substitute Teacher/All Schools 12/20/2022
Melissa Dutcher Substitute Teacher/All Schools 01/04/2023
Mikaela Easton Substitute Teacher/All Schools 12/20/2022
Haley Maxwell Substitute Teacher/All Schools 12/20/2022
Whitney Mohr Substitute Teacher/Sixth Grade/Paintbrush 01/04/2023
Gary Preston Substitute Teacher/All Schools 01/04/2023
Jamie Scherz Substitute Teacher/All Schools 12/12/2022
Debora Semple Substitute Teacher/All Schools 12/19/2022
Alexis Wingfield Substitute Teacher/All Schools 12/14/2022
Billie Line 7/8 Football Coach/Twin Spruce 05/24/2023
Derek Myers Cross Country Assistant Coach/TBHS 05/24/2023
Valery Oliver JH Head Volleyball Coach/Twin Spruce 05/24/2023
Jeff Norman Assistant Girls Soccer Coach/TBHS 12/19/2022
Chelsea Posten 7/8 Girls Soccer/Sage Valley 01/04/2023
Joana Bonano Winter Cheerleading Sponsor/WJSH 12/01/2022

Recap of Dec. 13 meeting

The board will vote Jan. 10 on whether to approve the minutes for the Dec. 13 dinner meeting minutes, which are posted here, and the regular board meeting minutes, which are here.

At the Dec. 13 meeting, Board Member Dr. Tim Hallinan said he doesn’t support the district’s aquatic center construction agreement with Van Ewing Construction, which was approved at a previous board meeting.

Lawrence nominated Anne Ochs as chairman. There were no other nominations so the board unanimously voted for Ochs to serve as chairman. Lisa Durgin will continue to be vice-chairman. Joe Lawrence is the board’s treasurer, and Larry Steiger is its clerk/assistant treasurer.

Ochs appointed the following trustees to serve on the following committees:

  • Board of Cooperative Higher Education Services (BOCHES) – Joe Lawrence, Anne Ochs, Larry Steiger
  • Northeast Wyoming Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) – Tim Hallinan
  • Campbell County Community Public Recreation District (CCPRD) fill unexpired term for Dave Foreman – Larry Steiger
  • Audit Committee –Larry Steiger
  • Juvenile Support Partnership – Larry Steiger
  • Wyoming School Boards Association – Lisa Durgin
  • Legislative Liaison – Anne Ochs
  • Budget Priorities Committee –Lisa Durgin, Anne Ochs, and Larry Steiger
  • Policy Committee – Tim Hallinan
  • Community Behavioral Health Committee – Joe Lawrence
  • Aquatic Center Committee – Larry Steiger

Stocktrail Elementary Principal Bertine Bahige shared an academic report for Stocktrail Elementary School, and Thunder Basin High School Principal Terry Quinn provided an academic report for Thunder Basin High School.

Andrew Rose has resigned from being Campbell County High School’s head football coach.

Associate Superintendent for Instructional Support Dennis Holmes provided a facility update on the new Little Powder School. He said the design phase will take about nine months.Official meeting minutes are available for review during regular office hours at the clerk’s office, which is also at 1000 W. 8th St.