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CAM-PLEX entryway to honor Frank Stevens

Doug Peterson credits Frank Stevens for bringing the developer and the property owner together.

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Indian Paintbrush Drive, the main entryway into CAM-PLEX in Gillette, may get a new name in memory of a local man: Frank Stevens.

Francis Stevens, who was known as Frank, spent decades of service to Campbell County through a career in law. He served on or represented several boards, including Campbell County Public Land Board, which oversees the CAM-PLEX, which is at 1635 Reata Drive in Gillette.

Stevens died in September, just weeks after retiring from serving the board. CAM-PLEX staff and the board have been discussing how to posthumously honor him.

They announced at the Dec. 8 board meeting that they plan to rename Indian Paintbrush Drive, a private road at the CAM-PLEX, after Stevens.

(CAM-PLEX, Google)

Several board members and staff said they liked the concept of calling the roadway “Frank Stevens Way.”

Vice Chairman Charlene Camblin said Board Secretary Chuck Land met with Stevens’ family, and the family liked the idea of the roadway. The board also plans to install a memorial plaque at CAM-PLEX’s Heritage Center and have a dedication ceremony, Camblin said.

After the meeting, Camblin told County 17 that the committee that’s planning the recognitions for Stevens will likely next meet in February 2023.


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