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Campbell County Public Land Board hires new executive director

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Campbell County Public Land Board tonight officially brought on a new executive director.

The board unanimously approved an employment contract with Aaron Lyles, who began work Nov. 7.

Lyles attended the board’s meeting this evening remotely. He’ll work a hybrid schedule until Jan. 1, until his family can relocate to Gillette, the employment contract said. The board will pay his moving expenses. He’ll need to obtain at least two moving service expense estimates for board approval. The board will also pay for temporary housing, up to $3,000 monthly, for up to 90 days.

After his first year with a $130,000 salary, he’ll be eligible for a salary increase of up to 10%, depending on the outcome of the board’s annual review of his employment. He could also receive a cost of living increase in salary in the Campbell County salary schedule.

As the executive director, Lyles will take charge of selecting personnel for CAM-PLEX and run facilities, operations, programs, property and activities under the board’s direction and control.

“CCPLB finds that it is mutually beneficial to CCPLB and the Employee to enter this Contract of Employment to ensure continuity in management and affairs of CCPLB,” the agreement said.

Lyles must not have any outside employment during the period of the contract unless he gets prior approval from the board, but he can, with approval from the board chair, undertake consulting work, speaking engagements or other duties and obligations that are associated with the position, his professional growth and development, or the promotion of CAM-PLEX, the agreement said.

His contract will end Nov. 6, 2024, so his term will include Camporee. The contract can be renewed for one-year periods. The board can terminate the contract with written notice, without cause, if it pays Lyles six months’ salary as severance pay. Lyles can terminate the contract without cause, if he gives 90 days’ notice.

Director of Finance ReNae Keuck, who was appointed interim executive director following Jeff Esposito’s departure, will no longer have the executive director title, Board Chair Darin Edmonds said the board concluded a closed executive session tonight.

Lyles directly oversees Keuck, Director of Operations Will Hastreiter, and Director of Sales and Marketing Keith Howard.