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Campbell elections coordinator reminds voters to bring ID, not ‘over-vote’

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Campbell County tends to see more voters in mid-term general primary elections compared with those years’ general elections, Elections Coordinator Michelle Leiker said this afternoon.

Yet, so far, the county has seen the opposite in this year’s general election, she said.

Leiker said the afternoon of Nov. 2 that while 2,988 people had voted by the Wednesday before Election Day in this year’s primary election, about 3,370 people have voted so far in the general election. She said 272 people voted Monday and 250 people voted Tuesday.

What you need to know for voting

When to vote, what to bring

  • Campbell County residents can still vote absentee Thursday, Friday and Monday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Campbell County Elections, 500 S. Gillette Ave., Suite 1602, Gillette.
  • Time is limited for submitting mailed ballots, which must be presented to the office by 7 p.m. Election Day.
  • Voters must present ID. Acceptable forms of ID are listed here, along with voter registration details.
  • Voters at CAM-PLEX who know their precinct number and don’t have to make changes to voter registration or need to re-register may proceed to the table marked with their precinct number, Leiker said.

Ballot questions

There are three ballot questions this year for Campbell County residents.

Two are proposed amendments to the Wyoming Constitution, which voters statewide will see:

  • “The Wyoming Constitution allows the state to invest state funds in equities such as the stock of corporations, but does not allow the funds of counties, cities and other political subdivisions to be invested in equities. The adoption of this amendment would allow the funds of counties, cities and other political subdivisions to be invested in equities to the extent and in the manner the legislature may allow by law. Any law authorizing the investment of specified political subdivision funds in equities would require a two-thirds vote of both houses of the legislature.”
  • “Currently, the Wyoming Constitution requires Wyoming Supreme Court justices and district court judges to retire upon reaching the age of seventy (70). This amendment increases the mandatory retirement age of Supreme Court justices and district court judges from age seventy (70) to age seventy-five (75).”

Leiker said a lack of a vote, also known as a non-vote, on these questions has the weight of a vote against the amendments. If the majority of voters vote in favor of the proposals, the Wyoming State Canvassing Board certifies the adoption of the amendment, under the law. Then, within 10 days, the Wyoming governor issues a proclamation of adoption. The amendment becomes effective that date.

  • Campbell County residents will also be asked: “Shall Campbell County continue to impose a one percent (1%) excise tax upon retail sales within Campbell County?” The County has posted information about the use of the tax here.

Leaving the questions blank doesn’t invalidate the remainder of the ballot, Leiker said.

Don’t “over-vote”

She said it’s important to remember to select the correct number of candidates in each category and not “overvote.” Overvotes won’t be counted.

Leiker said she believes some people have gotten confused sometimes if they’re reading the ballot too quickly since there many numbers on the ballot. For instance, voters can choose up to three school board candidates, who would each serve a four-year term.

Look up your voter information

Campbell County allows voters to look up their precinct, voting location, state-level legislators and city ward with an interactive map here.

Leiker provided County 17 with three sample ballots that are representative of several more precincts’, except that state legislators vary. Campbell County includes Senate districts 1, 23 and 24 and House districts 3, 31, 32, 52 and 53.

This first sample ballot, for Precinct 01-01, reflects ballots for voters in Gillette, apart from the variance in state legislature races.


This second one, for precinct 04-01, reflects Campbell County precincts that are outside of Gillette and Wright.



This third one reflects ballots that will be seen in Wright.



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