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School board to hold Oct. 11 meeting in Wright

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Campbell County School District Board of Trustees will meet at 6 p.m. Oct. 11 in the Commons at Wright Junior/Senior High School, 220 Wright Blvd., Wright.

The agenda said items scheduled for discussion and approval include the following:
  • Whether to change district policy from allowing certified and educational support school district employees who are transferring within the district to apply for vacant positions “for which he/she is qualified, certified if certification is required, and properly endorsed in the required subject are” to allowing them to apply for vacant positions for which they are “qualified”
  • Wright Parent Advisory Board Chair Melissa Wrigley’s report on the board’s activities and plans
  • Academic reports on Wright Junior/Senior High School, Cottonwood Elementary and 4-J School, from the schools’ respective principals
Approval of the bids and quotes including the following:
Approval of these contracts and agreements:
  • Wright Junior Senior High School yearbook agreement with Walsworth
  • The district’s agreement with Campbell County Public Land Board for Campbell County High School and Thunder Basin High School graduations in May 2023 at CAM-PLEX. The total facility rent would be $1,872, which includes set-up, rehearsals and teardown.
  • Scholastic for book fair at Lakeview Elementary, Rawhide Elementary, Prairie Wind Elementary and Paintbrush Elementary

The board will also be asked to approve staffing changes.

Wright Junior-Senior High School Principal Lonnie Robertson will introduce FFA students.

The board will also be asked to reschedule the Nov. 8 school board meeting to Nov. 15 because the former date is Election Day.

Sept. 27 meetings recap

Meeting minutes are available during regular office hours at the school district clerk’s office at the Educational Services Center, at 1000 W. 8th Street, Gillette. The district has posted online minutes from the regular board meeting and the special dinner meeting that occurred Sept. 27.

Highlights of the Sept. 27 meetings included the following:

  • Curriculum Director Brandon Crosby and STEM Facilitator Sam Burr presented the district’s elementary STEM and computer science curriculum.

Examples of curriculum components are mechanics & structures, scientific data analysis, software engineering, circuitry and computer graphics, a presentation document said. Each grade’s curriculum begins with Cybersecurity and Digital Citizenship so students have safe, successful digital engagements.

(Campbell County School District)


(Campbell County School District)


Expectations for elementary STEM and computer science include the following:

    • All elementary school students will engage in the STEM lab for at least 45 minutes weekly, with classroom teachers present and actively engaged.
    • STEM facilitators will follow the STEM Playbook pacing and learning objectives for each learning engagement to ensure equity and curricular rigor among all students.
    • STEM teachers will report students’ proficiency levels on required District Assessment System components in PowerSchool and develop cross-curricular learning engagements for each grade level. The district’s goal is to increase equity for students by having a cross-curricular unit per grade level.
    • STEM facilitators and classroom teachers will meet at least once a semester to plan the integration of classroom content learning.
    • Each learning engagement includes STEM lab journaling, which will be assessed with a proficiency scale.
  • The board approved the Wyoming State Seal of Biliteracy, which the Wyoming Department of Education awards to students who have studied and attained proficiency in English and one or more additional languages by high school graduation.
  • Trustee Linda Bricker said district schools don’t allow “furries” and litterboxes.
At the Sept. 27 board meeting, the school board approved the school district’s human resources department’s actions regarding the following staffing changes:

Education Support Personnel

New Hires — Regular

Michael Avalos – Floater Custodian/Maintenance Replace 09/21/2022
Jeri Eason – Assistant Cook/Nutrition Services Replace 09/23/2022
Rita Eid – SPEA – ASD/Lakeview Replace 09/19/2022
Stephanie Gleason-Wilson – SPEA – ED/Paintbrush Replace 09/12/2022
Elizabeth Gonzalez – Custodian/CCHS Replace 09/21/2022
Jenifer Lazarus SPEA – High Needs/Hillcrest Replace 09/19/2022
Micaela Vidana Rubio – 6 hour Custodian/Meadowlark Replace 09/15/2022

New Hires — Substitutes/Temporaries

Katherine Cutro – Bus Driver in Training/Transportation 09/12/2022
Charessa Joseph – Bus Driver in Training/Transportation 09/19/2022
Koen Teeter – Student Custodian/TBHS 09/16/2022
Ryan Walker – Substitute Bus Driver/Transportation 09/12/2022
Tammie Webb – Bus Driver in Training/Transportation 09/14/2022


Cody Case, 09/21/2022

FROM: NS Site Manager/Nutrition Services
TO: Cafeteria Cook/Nutrition Services and Instructional Assistant/4J

DaLynn Deaver Downham, 09/19/2022

FROM: Bus Driver in Training/Transportation
TO: Bus Driver/Transportation

Kasandra Johnson, 09/12/2022

FROM: Special Programs Ed. Asst/Cottonwood
TO: Technology Assistant/Cottonwood

Bart Knapp, 09/06/2022

FROM: Bus Driver in Training/Transportation
TO: Bus Driver/Transportation

Key’Anna McGuire, 09/14/2022

FROM: Custodian/Rozet
TO: Custodian/Recluse

Tracy Svalina, 09/19/2022

FROM: Activity Driver/Transportation
TO: Bus Driver/Transportation

Sabrianna VanDamme, 09/09/2022

FROM: Bus Driver in Training/Transportation
TO: Bus Driver/Transportation


Mary Baeza Bus Driver in Training/Transportation 08//17/2022
Robert Clabaugh Jr. Bus Assistant/Transportation 08/09/2022
Griselda Espinoza Molina Custodian/Buffalo Ridge 09/30/2022
Andreshia Filomeno Candelario Nutrition Service Assistant/Nutrition Services 06/30/2022
Christie Miller Safety Patrol/Transportation 05/25/2022
Zhanna Moskaliuk Toolen Special Programs Ed. Asst./Cottonwood 09/22/2022
Christine Nowlin Bus Driver/Transportation 09/07/2022
Bret Pownall SPEA – HN/CCHS 09/14/2022
Tyler Reble Technology Assistant 09/16/2022
Jocelyne Yanez Custodian/Pronghorn 09/12/2022



Abaigael Crast PE Teacher/.9 Cottonwood & .1 4-J 09/29/2022

Substitute teacher new hires

Kortni Brown Substitute Nurse/All Schools 09/15/2022
Cayla DeBolt Substitute Teacher/Fifth Grade/Conestoga 09/20/2022
Sireena Foley Substitute Teacher/All Schools 09/12/2022
Chelsey Hendershot Substitute Nurse/All Schools 09/20/2022
Deborah Lubkeman Substitute Nurse/All Schools 09/15/2022

Extra duty recommendations

Sergio Rios Vasquez Asst. Boys Soccer Coach/CCHS 09/22/2022
Clay Rodgers 7/8 Wrestling Coach/Twin Spruce 09/19/2022