Suspects in $20K tool, office supply theft caught in Sheridan County

Nicole Goodman, 39, and Mark Anthony, 53 (Sheridan County Sheriff's Office)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Two individuals suspected of stealing thousands of dollars in tools from a local industrial supply company have been appended by Sheridan County, authorities confirmed Wednesday.

Mark Anthony, 53, of Campbell County and 39-year-old Nicole Goodman of Fresno, California, are both in custody following a perimeter search east of Sheridan, according to a statement from the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office.

Anthony and Goodman are both suspects in a recent burglary at United Central Industrial Supply that occurred on Sept. 24, where they allegedly carted away over $20,000 in merchandise, according to Campbell County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Kyle Borgialli.

The suspects appeared to scout out the location shortly after midnight on Sept. 24, Borgialli said, adding that they then went to the industrial area on E. Second Street where they stole a camper license plate and a flatbed trailer before returning to United Central Industrial Supply.

Over the course of 90 minutes, Anthony and Goodman reportedly took Klein tools, crescent wrenches, multi-meters, drill bit sets, cases of coffee and other drinks, cases of dish soap, and medical cold packs, per Borgialli, who said it appears they took anything they could get their hands on.

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The suspects took the items to Sheridan using a rented Ford F-150, where they stored around two-and-a-half truck beds of stolen merchandise in a storage unit, per Borgialli, adding that the Ford was captured on surveillance during the incident.

Anthony and Goodman were reported to the SCSO by residents who believed they had sighted the suspect vehicle tied to a series of burglaries in Sheridan County on Sept. 28, according to the statement.

Deputies located the vehicle abandoned at the end of a steep drainage ditch after being tipped off by a Sheridan County rancher who advised seeing the suspect vehicle driving through a pasture at a high rate of speed, per SCSO.

Sheridan police officers, Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers, and agents with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation established a perimeter and apprehended Anthony and Goodman without further incident.

According to Borgialli, the two suspects had a number of brand-new tools in the pickup, and Sheridan County suspected there could be a Gillette connection and reached out.

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The suspect vehicle in Sheridan was confirmed to be the same as the suspect vehicle in Gillette, per Borgialli.

“At the crime scene we had tire tracks that matched the (Sheridan County) suspect vehicle, we had shoe prints that matched the suspect’s shoes that they were wearing, and after they were arrested we got the GPS off their pickup which has them at our crime scene at the exact time of our surveillance footage,” Borgialli said.

As of Oct. 5, most, if not all, of the tools stolen from United Central have been recovered and are currently in evidence at the CCSO, Borgialli said.

“It was really good interagency communication,” he continued, adding that communication enabled them to put the case together pretty quickly.

Anthony and Goodman have not been charged in Campbell County as of Oct. 5 and will not likely face local court proceedings until their case is settled in Sheridan County, where they remain in custody, per Borgialli.