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Make-A-Wish grants teenager’s wish for Wyoming Cowboys-themed ‘man cave’

CASPER, Wyo. — A Newcastle teenager can now enjoy a “man cave” in the garage of his family’s home after Make-A-Wish Wyoming granted his wish for the room makeover.

Yestin, 17, has a genetic disorder that has limited his ability to play sports in high school, a Tuesday press release from Make-A-Wish Wyoming said.

“Due to Yestin’s genetic condition, his opportunity to play sports in high school waivered,” the release said. “Sometimes he could play, other times he could not. He craved a place where he could be a teenage boy, play video games, pool, board games, and watch football — especially the Wyoming Cowboys.”

Yestin enjoys playing pool, but his table was unable to fit into rooms inside the family’s home after they moved to a new home in Newcastle. With Yestin’s wish sponsored by Basin Electric, Make-a-Wish Wyoming helped transform the garage using the pool table as the feature and had the table itself re-felted with a Wyoming Cowboys design.

“In addition to the custom pool table, the makeover included a new TV, couch set, coffee tables, popcorn maker, and cotton candy machine,” the press release said.

Yestin and his family provided input to Make-A-Wish Wyoming as to how they wanted the room makeover.

“Now I have a place to go where I can play pool and other games with my friends,” Yestin said in the press release. “The pool table is definitely my favorite part.”

His mom added: “Yestin is an easygoing kid. He loved and agreed with all the decorations the Make-A-Wish team suggested. He loves sports, cars, video games, and history. As a senior in high school, he thought a room makeover would make a great gaming escape that he could have forever. He absolutely loved what Make-A-Wish did.”

(Make-A-Wish Wyoming)