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CCH lifts mask requirement for visitors and patients

Woman wearing a protective face mask (Courtesy Polina Tanlilevitch).

Woman wearing a protective face mask (Courtesy Polina Tanlilevitch).

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Visitors, patients, and customers are no longer required to wear masks at Campbell County Health, the health organization announced Tuesday.

“Effective immediately, CCH recommends patients, visitors, and customers continue to wear masks, but will no longer require masks unless they have symptoms of respiratory illness, or are in areas where there may be immunocompromised patients,” CCH said in a Sept. 27 statement.

The announcement follows efforts by the CCH Board of Trustees who have worked in recent weeks to address community concerns regarding masking, while also adhering to the federal standards the hospital is obligated to abide by, CCH says.

The health organization says its effort to protect its workers, patients, and visitors has made removing the mask requirement possible.

In the last two years, CCH has implemented new PPE policies, adjusted its workflows, and installed new technologies like enhanced airflow systems to actively sanitize the air flowing through them and new UV lighting systems.

“All of these systems and technologies provide a higher level of protection than what is required by the (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),” CCH says.

Masks are still required for all CCH employees, contractors, and volunteers at all times, and the health organization will continue to support anyone who may feel more comfortable wearing a mask in any CCH facility, per the announcement.


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