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Campbell undersheriff: deputies don’t request funds or arrest people over phone

Judge Gavel

GILLETTE, Wyo. — A 36-year-old Gillette woman made a good call Aug. 19 after a man  impersonating a Campbell County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant called her.

Campbell County Sheriff’s Office Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds said a “Lt. Pownall” called the woman at about 12:24 p.m. Aug. 19 from 307-699-6770. Reynolds said the man told the woman that she had failed to show up for jury duty and he had an affidavit from Judge Bartlett. The man knew the victim’s name, phone number and address, Reynolds said.

The woman asked the caller whether she had been mailed a jury duty notice, Reynolds said. She then reported the call to the sheriff’s office, he said.

Reynolds said he called the number and the man identified himself as being with the “Campbell County Sheriff’s Department,” instead of “Campbell County Sheriff’s Office,” the customary identification.

While refusal to show up for jury duty is grounds for an individual to be held in contempt of court, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office will not call and attempt to arrest people over the phone or request funds or gift cards, Reynolds said.

Campbell County’s website said that jurors are selected from the registered voter list and driver’s license registration. Jurors are paid $30 per day they report or serve. They’re paid for mileage if they live at least 5 miles from the courthouse.

Jurors may be excused if they are over 72 years old, care for their own young children who need full attention, served as a juror in the previous term or are ill. They must inform judges of their excuse so the judge can consider their request. The Court will work around pre-scheduled vacations or doctor appointments. Jurors can be excused if they face threat of material injury or destruction to their property.

Jurors may be exempt if they aren’t Campbell County residents or if they are a salaried member of a fire department, an active member of a law enforcement agency, an elected public official, or a member of the National Guard.