Gillette engineer: city is pushing for 12th Street construction to end before school starts

Part of Ninth Street will be closed from Aug. 10 to 19. (City of Gillette)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — The city of Gillette is striving to get 12th Street work done before school starts, City of Gillette Engineer Joe Schoen said Aug. 10.

Croell began demo on a pavement patch, water valve boxes and sewer manholes on 12th Street from Highway 59 to Stanley Avenue this week, the city of Gillette website said. Next week, it plans to pave that length of 12th Street.

Schoen said the city wants to ensure impacts to traffic around Campbell County High School are minimal.

“We’re going to wait and see what the contractor does and push as hard as we can,” he said.

The work on 12th Street is part of a rotomilling and overlay project that involves three streets in residential areas near downtown Gillette. Rotomilling is the term for grinding part of a paved surface.

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For this project, the city asked Croell to rotomill adjacent to the curbing gutter an inch and a half deep, he said. The contractor will pave back a new, 2-inch asphalt mat on the existing surface, Schoen said. That work contrasts with construction on Boxelder Road. In the Boxelder Road construction, the city requested the contractor complete a 3-inch full-width rotomill and overlay. The Boxelder Road rotomill and overlay work is about four times more work compared with that involved in the Carey Avenue/9th/12th project, Schoen said.

Croell will work on Ninth and 12th streets at the same time since they’re so close to each other, he said.

Croell began demolition of two pavement patch areas and two storm manholes this week and rotomilling on Ninth Street from Highway 59 to Gurley Avenue, the website said. Next week, it anticipates paving Ninth Street from Hwy-59 to Gurley Avenue.

The project on Ninth Street stops “just short” of the Gurley intersection, so that will help save some time, Schoen said. He said that city staff are aware that the Gurley intersection needs work but since staff anticipate replacing aging nearby water and sewer mains in the next few years, they want to wait to work on the Gurley intersection asphalt until they replace the aging mains. Otherwise, they’d need to redo the work, Schoen said.

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Carey Avenue work will carry into September.

Powder River Construction, the subcontractor for the concrete, is planning demo work on Carey Avenue from Second to Fifth streets to replace the east concrete driveway approach Aug. 17. Carey Ave from Fourth to Fifth streets will close for that work.

Sometime in early September, Croell will rotomill and pave Carey Avenue and in mid-September, any finishing touches will likely be completed, Schoen said. Contractually, Croell has until Sept. 26 to complete the project, he and City of Gillette Capital Projects Manager Steven Peterson said.

Peterson said residents should anticipate periodic street closures of roughly one or two days. The project will help the roadway last as many as 20 more years before needing to undergo complete replacement. Expenses are running about $710,000 currently, instead of the millions of dollars necessary for a complete replacement of streets, he said. The 1% optional sales tax is funding the project, the city of Gillette’s website said.

Croell has an office at 5750 Swanson Road in Gillette.