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Made in America – Showcasing Wyoming’s legacy as an energy leader

Across America and here in Wyoming, we are in full swing of summer. We are expressing and hearing concerns over electricity bills, gas prices and energy independence.

A renewed focus on domestic energy production is necessary to put America in control of our energy supply. As a country, we are flush with natural energy resources thanks to our diverse landscape, and no place is that more accurate than in the great state of Wyoming.

Wyoming has riches in energy – coal, oil, natural gas, solar, wind and hydrogen create and provide power to many homes across the state and country.

Providing our state and America with reliable, low-cost power sources is the legacy of Wyoming. We are the energy leader. By adopting and supporting an all-of-above energy strategy, we will continue to supply the nation with homegrown energy. We know how to keep the lights on.

The future for our energy sources is only getting better. Our technology improves daily, from carbon capture and storage to the rare earth minerals necessary to fuel next-generation innovation.

We all must work together to share the benefits of an all-of-the-above energy strategy for Wyoming. Supporting wind and solar does not mean taking away coal, oil, or natural gas. It is not an either/or situation. Our future legacy as the energy leader depends on our ability to support our historic industries while embracing new technologies and renewable resources.

We are excited to share our “Made in America” video showcasing Wyoming’s legacy as the energy leader.

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