Go-Fund-Me active for local welding educator, father paralyzed in car accident


GILLETTE, Wyo.—Tens of thousands of dollars have been raised to help the family of a local father and welding educator paralyzed during a car crash.

Danny Keiderling, 27, has been life-lighted after being injured in a motor vehicle crash and is currently paralyzed from the chest down, according to a Go-Fund-Me organized by sister Crystal Sisneros.

The cost of treatment for Danny’s injuries has left him with zero financial resources to continue supporting his 7-month-old daughter, Emberly, and fiancé Brittany Lee Betz, per the fundraiser page, which adds that he will likely spend the next year receiving medical care.

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According to the page, Danny is facing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical bills, specialty treatments, home modifications, and a specialized wheelchair, among other expenses.

As of July 30, donations for Danny’s cause total $69,708, per the Go-Fund-Me page, with an end goal of $400,000.

Danny has been a welder for over a decade and has spent three years teaching at the Western Welding Academy in Gillette, according to the fundraiser, which adds that his efforts have reportedly impacted millions of people worldwide and that he remains a sought-after social media influencer.