Candidate who withdrew from Campbell coroner race says future run possible

Sandra Kelly has withdrawn from the election for Campbell County coroner. (Sandra Kelly)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Sandra Kelly, who withdrew her candidacy from the race for Campbell County coroner, spoke with County 17 July 29 regarding the upcoming election.

Kelly said she decided to withdraw June 28 because her life had become too busy to make the race a priority. She said she supports both Tracy Amadio and incumbent Paul Wallem, the two remaining candidates. She’s not sure who has a better chance of winning.

“I feel Paul has the experience since having held the position, and Tracy has the medical background already to be great at the position so I am neutral in the vote,” she said.

Kelly said she’s not ruling out a future run for coroner.

“I am glad I had the opportunity to run for the position, and perhaps look forward to running again in the future,” she said.

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Kelly said that the position of coroner is very important to her because of her past experiences with various coroners.

“A bad experience is never forgotten in that time of loss,” she said.

She said the bad experience she had was in different counties and did not involve either candidate she was running against.

Kelly said her general advice for coroners is to maintain a high level of respect throughout the whole process and to avoid become callous to the pain of the mourning. A coroner needs to have high integrity and empathy for people who have lost a loved one and to show ample honor and respect for the deceased, she said.

“It takes an individual who is able to comfort the mourning,” she said. “It also requires someone who is able to wisely manage a budget and also work well with the [Campbell County] Sheriff’s Department in any way they require.”