Campbell County Candidate Questionnaire: Bill Fortner for State Senator for District 1

Wyoming House Rep. District 52 Bill Fortner is running for State Sen. District 1. (Bill Fortner)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — County 17 has sent out a questionnaire to those running in the primary election in August. The following are the answers from Bill Fortner, a candidate for State Senator for District 1.

1. Please introduce yourself and describe your educational and employment history. Please include your name and hometown and highlights of past Campbell County involvement.

I’m Bill Fortner, a 5th generation Campbell county native on my mothers side, however
I’m 4th generation on my fathers side. Both sides were ranchers. I’ve worked in coal, oil,
gas, and ranching most of my life. I retired from coal mining in 1999, and then I worked
in the gas fields in Wyoming, and Montana. As well as the oil industry where I still do
contract work today.

2. Why have you decided to run for this office? 
I’m running for senate district #1 because I don’t feel the citizens are getting what they
deserve. Someone who’s truthful, honest, and transparent in leader ship. I have been a
house representative of district 52 for the last 2 years. I feel I know enough about the
process to serve Crook, Weston, and Campbell equally, and responsibly.

3. Compared with other candidates running in this election, why are you the best candidate for this position?

I have a 100% voting record that reflects who I am. Whale the other 2 talk about cutting
taxes, school choice, and fighting federal over reach I have been running bills and
fighting on the floor on these issues. The floor votes show. Talk and lip service is cheap
until you get in the fight.

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4. What is your vision for the future of your district? What, if any, new initiatives would you like to implement if elected? 

I would like to see government tax only what is absolutely necessary not build lavish
saving and investment accounts on the backs of the hard working men and women. I
believe we the people can spend our money better than government. I will pursue bills I
have ran the last 2 years in the house as representative district 52.
H80146 Personal property tax depreciation
HB0147 Education expense tax credit ( school choice )
HB0027 Visitation rights
H80026 dual public employment and office holding

I will push for tax cuts and in the event of the people being over taxed at the end of the
year they will be reimbursed with tax credits. I will pursue legislation to make senior
citizens tax exempt at age 65. I am a firm believer in what Calvin Coolidge said if
government taxes any more than necessary that is legalized larceny or basically

5. Is there anything else voters should know about you as they determine whom to vote for?

All citizens in Senate District 1 will be equal in representation.

Mary Stroka is the Community Reporter for County 17. She's new to Wyoming and has loved getting to know the area. She covers crime, education, faith, government, and policy for County 17. Feel free to contact her at with your news tips and ideas.