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Campbell County Candidate Questionnaire: Cindy Lovelace for County Clerk

GILLETTE, Wyo. — County 17 has sent out a questionnaire to those running in the primary election in August. The following are the answers from Cindy Lovelace, who is running for Campbell County Clerk.

  1. Please introduce yourself and describe your educational and employment history.

I’m Cindy Lovelace and am running for Campbell County Clerk. I was born and raised on a ranch in northern Campbell County and am a 3rd generation graduate of CCHS.

I worked as a Detention Officer for the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office for 5 years where I was a Detention Training Officer and completed 618 continuing education hours.

After my employment with the CCSO I co-owned and operated Monogramming Plus Screen-printing for 7 years with my sister as my partner.

We later sold the business, and I was hired as the director of the NE Wyoming Red Cross where I coordinated fundraising efforts, organized CPR classes, and recruited and trained volunteers in a 3-county area to respond to local disasters.

I have owned and operated my insurance agency since 2006. Through the past 16 years I have completed 192 hours of continuing education which includes 24 hours of ethics courses and countless hours of leadership and management training.

2. Why have you decided to run for this office?

I chose to seek the position of County Clerk because of my desire to be an active participant in the operations of our local government. I have a strong desire for the preservation and betterment of my community and feel it is time for me to step up and offer my experience to public service.

3. What experience and/or educational background do you have that makes you a great fit for the office you are running for?

I built my insurance agency from scratch to become one of the leading agencies in our area and the company. In my 16 years in business, my agency has qualified for 10 Farmers Insurance Achievement Club awards which are earned by the top 15% of the agents in the company. These accomplishments take working long hours, business planning, operating within a budget, educating yourself, and refining management and communication skills. Through the years I have grown and developed to become an effective leader and manager, and have built strong relationships with my customers, staff, and other business leaders.

4. Do you believe there are additional qualifications that would help the person who will hold this office be best suited for the position? If so, how do you meet those additional qualifications? And in what ways can you improve as a leader?

Do you believe there are additional qualifications that would help the person who will hold this office be best suited for the position?: The position of County Clerk requires knowledge and understanding of the statutes and regulations directing election and voting protocols and maintaining public records. I will conduct business according to these laws and guidelines and am committed to working hard and do my best for the good of my community.

If so, how do you meet those additional qualifications?: I have owned and managed small businesses in Campbell County for 23 years and believe my experience gives me the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the operations of the County Clerk’s office.

I am guided by a strong moral compass and will operate and make decisions according. When asked what it takes to accomplish a big task, my answer is ‘You do what it takes to get it done”.

And in what ways can you improve as a leader?: I believe in leading by example with the fundamentals of honesty, transparency, and integrity; using those traits to build a strong team. Through my years as a business owner, I’ve had the privilege to lead my staff to meet deadlines, reach production goals, obtain bonus levels, and earn Achievement Club awards. I have coached my staff to grow as leaders and find the best in themselves and others by treating everyone with respect where each person is given the opportunity to grow and build on their individual strengths.

5. What experience do you have in directly working with public officials across Campbell County, and how have you met any challenges you encountered? If you do not have direct experience in working with public officials, what is your plan to ensure a positive, productive relationship with them?

Through my roles with the Red Cross and as a small business owner, I have built strong working relationships with local officials and business owners.

After the 2006 tornado in Wright, we faced many challenges to provide the resources necessary for the community to recover. I led the Red Cross disaster recovery efforts to coordinate shelters, meals, volunteers, fundraising efforts, distribution of recovery funds and supplies to families in need and provided the media with press releases and daily updates. I worked directly with the National Red Cross, FEMA, Campbell County Emergency Management, Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, Campbell County School District, utility companies, restaurant owners, and the media. Through our coordinated efforts, we were able to help the Wright community recover from the devastation in a quick and organized manner.

6. What are your goals for this office, and how do you plan to accomplish them?

My primary goals as County Clerk are to keep and maintain voter and election integrity, record and safeguard public records and to build strong working relationships with the staff, the county officials, and the citizens of Campbell County.

I plan to conduct a thorough review and evaluation of the current electronic digitizing process to ensure our public land records are stored and maintained with the highest level of security.

The Campbell County Clerk’s office has been under the same leadership since 1995. I believe that over time, it is beneficial to have a fresh perspective on procedural operations. I plan to evaluate the operations and efficiency of each department to build on what is working well and make improvements where necessary.

7. How will you effectively manage taxpayer dollars?

I operate with a conservative spending philosophy especially when it comes to donated funds and taxpayer’s dollars. I have recorded and managed donated funds to non-profit organizations and responsibly distributed funds to their designated areas. Currently, I collect, record, and apply insurance payments accordingly.

I have operated within budgets for both non-profit and private enterprise and do not believe in spending money just because it is available. I evaluate each expenditure to determine the priority of need and the best value for the cost.

8. How will you ensure transparency and accountability in the office you desire?

As County Clerk I will provide access to all public records and ensure our records are kept safe and secure, along with providing timely reports to county officials to better assist them in completed their duties.

By conducting business with open communication and transparency, our local government can function more efficiently and cut unnecessary costs.

9. How will you maximize voter and voting security as well as voting access?

Our right to vote is a responsibility I have taken seriously since I was 18 years old, and I strongly believe every eligible citizen should have the opportunity to exercise this right and duty.

I believe there is room for improvement on the election website for transparent disclosure of the local protocol and procedures for ballot security, tabulation, custody and control, along with a tracking system for voters to verify their vote is counted. I plan to implement open communication avenues for the public to learn about the voter registration process, upcoming election dates, and polling locations.


10. What do you believe is the best way to count votes?

Election integrity is one of my highest priorities. The County Clerk is responsible for the security and validation of each sacred vote. I plan to review and evaluate the current election process; compare it to best practices; and implement necessary changes to make sure we are upholding the highest level of voter and election integrity.


11. Is there anything else voters should know about you?

My family came to Campbell County in the early 1900s. My great-great uncle was our first County Attorney, and my grandfather rode horseback to ranches for the County Assessor and was also instrumental in bringing electricity to our rural areas. These deep roots have instilled in me a commitment to excellence in providing necessary services the citizens of Campbell County depend on.

I am guided by my faith to do what is just and right. I look at things objectively and make decisions without bias. If elected as County Clerk, I will work hard to serve Campbell County by creating a transparent, efficient, and positive environment for the citizens here to do business. I believe by working together we can keep Campbell County the best place to live and do business.