Campbell County Candidate Questionnaire: Tracy Amadio for County Coroner

Tracy Amadio is running in this year's election to become the coroner of Campbell County. (Tracy Amadio)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — County 17 has sent out a questionnaire to those running in the primary election in August. The following are the answers from Tracy Amadio, who is running for Campbell County Coroner.

  1. Please introduce yourself and describe your educational and employment history.

My name is Tracy Amadio. I live in Gillette. I am a Nurse Practitioner and I see Gastroenterology patients in Gillette and Sheridan. I have an Associate of Science degree in Nursing from Casper College, a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wyoming and a Master of Science degree in Nursing (FNP) from the University of Wyoming. I have been a member of Phi Kapa Phi (2004) and Sigma Theta Tau (2006).

2. Why have you decided to run for this office?

I decided to run for Coroner because I believe that Campbell County deserves the most professional and qualified person for this position. Voters should have a choice.

3. What experience and/or educational background do you have that makes you a great fit for the office you are running for?

I have 31 years of medical experience, 16 years as a nurse, the last 15 years as a Nurse Practitioner. During this time, I have worked in a variety of settings including inpatient hospital care, Internal medicine, Oncology, Public Health and Gastroenterology. I have taken care of patients during extremely difficult times in their lives including treating them for cancer and comfort/palliative care when there are no other options.  I have worked not only with the patient’s, but their families as well.

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4. What not strictly legally required criteria do you believe a person in this office should have? How do you meet that criteria?

I believe the Coroner should have the ability to communicate effectively with family members, law enforcement, physicians, first responders and funeral homes. I have had the responsibility of notifying patients of potentially life ending conditions, have comforted patients and their family members as they are dying and have cried alongside of them. I care not only about the deceased individual but also the family they leave behind.

5. How will you apply your personality traits to best aid families during difficult times?

I am a caregiver by heart. I am compassionate and empathetic. I am organized, meticulous, detail oriented and thorough. I believe this is necessary to help families move forward in a timely manner.

6. What experience, if any, do you have in working with law enforcement, and how have you met any challenges you encountered? If you do not have direct experience in working with law enforcement, what is your plan to ensure a positive, productive relationship with law enforcement?

I believe that the key to any relationship is effective communication.

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7. What are your goals for this office and how do you plan to accomplish them?

My goal as Coroner is to ensure the responsibilities of this office are completed in a timely and accurate manner. This includes establishing manner of death, cause of death, accurate time of death, legal identification, and family notification. I believe that all death investigations should be done with a deep sense of compassion for the family. The investigation of a death by the Coroner’s Office is an important function. It is done as an independent agency who does not work for law enforcement, physicians, nursing homes, hospitals, prosecutors, or defense attorneys. The Coroner’s office works on behalf of the deceased and their family. In addition to fulfilling these responsibilities, I believe the Coroner’s office should be a true community resource. The Coroner’s office collects data that can be used to benefit our community for education on issues such as drug abuse, DUI, texting and driving and suicide. Education is a major factor in reducing these preventable deaths.

8. How will you effectively manage taxpayer dollars? How will you ensure transparency and accountability in the office you desire?

The Coroner’s office budget for the fiscal year 2021–2022 is $265,306. I am organized, meticulous, detail oriented and thorough. Expenditures will be accurately documented and submitted. Taxpayer dollars will not be used needlessly.

9. Is there anything else voters should know about you?

My vision is to provide all citizens of Campbell County with professional, compassionate care. I will ensure all decedents and family members are treated with respect and dignity.  I will be a competent and committed partner to all external organizations including Law Enforcement, Emergency services, Forensic Pathologists, Funeral Homes, and families. I believe the role of Coroner is a continuation of what I have done professionally – taking care of people.

Mary Stroka is the Community Reporter for County 17. She's new to Wyoming and has loved getting to know the area. She covers crime, education, faith, government, and policy for County 17. Feel free to contact her at with your news tips and ideas.