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Campbell County Candidate Questionnaire: Troy Clements for County Assessor

GILLETTE, Wyo. — County 17 has sent out a questionnaire to those running in the primary election in August. The following are the answers from Troy Clements, who is running for Campbell County Assessor.

  1. Please introduce yourself (include your name and hometown, please) and describe your educational and employment history.
  • Troy D. Clements
  • Born and raised in Gillette
  • I attended school in Gillette from K-12 and graduated from Campbell County High School in 1986. I attended Casper Community College from 1989-1990
  • I started working for the County Assessor’s Office in February of 2000 under former Assessor Jerry Shatzer and successfully ran for office upon Jerry’s retirement in 2007.


  1. Why have you decided to run again for this office?
  • I have served as the County Assessor for the past 16 years and feel that we have built an outstanding team and look forward to working with them and the public moving forward through the next four-year term.
  • This isn’t just a job to me it has been my passion for the past 23 years. A wise person once told me “If you like what you’re doing and look forward to going to work each day then it really isn’t a job”!


  1. What should voters know about the purpose and operations of this office?
  • The main purpose of the Assessor’s Office is to gather, list, enter, and maintain accurate data for valuing both real and personal property. We serve many different entities within the community and county with information pertinent, but not limited to, mortgage companies, lending institutions, real estate firms, and appraisal companies.
  • We conduct yearly reviews of real and personal property on a four-year rotation per state statute.
  • We have an outstanding GIS program that stays current with new subdivisions, resubs, and land splits.
  • We make sure property sales and transfers stay current for taxing and ownership purposes.
  • We also apply and maintain annual Veteran’s exemptions for honorably discharged Vets that qualify.


  1. What experience and/or educational background do you have that makes you a great fit for the office you are running for?
  • I achieved permanent certification for appraising real and personal property in 2003 and have maintained that certification through classes, workshops, and seminars. I currently have 685 continuing education hours.
  • I served as the Second Vice, First Vice, and Wyoming County Assessor’s Association President for 6 years, and currently serve on several committees within the association and locally.


  1. What not strictly legally required criteria do you believe a person in this office should have? How do you meet those criteria?
  • Conduct yourself professionally, ethically, and without bias.
  • Be willing to work long hours and weekends when necessary
  • Attend all meetings and functions to assure you are staying informed on important issues
  • A typical workday/week for me consists of working 10-12 hours a day Monday-Friday, working weekends, when need be, attending classes when required to maintain my certification and learn new material, as well as all three association meetings held throughout the state per year.


  1. What are your goals for this office for your next term? How do you plan to accomplish them?
  • The main goals I strive for each year is to maintain good clean data and values to ensure the property owners within Campbell County are being treated fairly and equitably within the rules, regulations, and statutes set forth by the Wyoming Department of Revenue, Wyoming State Board of Equalization, and legislation.
  • I will also continue to work with the commissioners, other elected officials, local and state legislators on important issues and budgeting.


  1. How will you effectively manage taxpayer dollars?
  • Over the course of the years with budget cuts and downsizing, I feel I have trimmed our operating budget to run as lean as possible while maintaining statutory duties set forth by the state.
  • I also work to ensure that property values are within the realm of set guidelines and parameters so there is no chance of being overvalued or taxed.


  1. How will you ensure transparency and accountability in the office you desire?
  • We are audited twice a year by both the Board of Equalization and Department of Revenue to ensure we are using sales and up to date information to value property.
  • We also work closely with the State’s Principal Statistician.
  1. Is there anything else Campbell County residents should know about you?
  • I am a 54- year-old father of two, married with two stepdaughters and two grandsons
  • I am a 54-year Wyoming veteran, and a 47-year veteran of Campbell County
  • My family first homesteaded in Campbell County in 1916, so my values and morals run deep in keeping Campbell County a great place to live, work, and raise future generations to come.