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Rockpile Museum invites locals to atlatl event June 4

(Campbell County Rockpile Museum)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — On June 4, the Campbell County Rockpile Museum will join a widespread celebration of a hunting system humans created thousands of years ago.

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., locals can celebrate World Atlatl Day with Museum Educator Stephan Zacharias. They can throw atlatls with darts in the field behind the museum, testing their throwing talent with these tools that date back to seasonal migrations of the people of the Late Plains Archaic period. Dart points and atlatl parts have been found at Powder River Basin archeological sites, including the Spring Creek Cave in the Big Horn Mountains, Rockpile Museum’s news release stated.

Three shooting lanes with 3-D Rinehart Pronghorn targets will be set up. Those who attend the event can pick up booklets about atlatl history and instructions to build their own atlatl and dart system at home with paint stirrers and wooden dowels.

The World Atlatl Association has designated the first Saturday of June as World Atlatl Day. Celebrations around the world vary. Some events include just for fun throws while others have accuracy competitions.

Campbell County Rockpile Museum will still charge admission fees to see indoor museum exhibits that day. To learn more, call the museum at (307) 682-5723 or visit www.rockpilemuseum.com. To get to the field, use First Street.

Clarification: The event will be held June 4.