Gillette, Campbell County remember fallen officers

Gillette Police Detective Julianne Witham salutes during the Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony on May 18, 2022 (Ryan Lewallen/ County 17)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Shots split the air, 21 of them to be exact.

Hands touched brows in the silence that followed; the only sound being a single bugle playing the hallowed notes of “Taps” where, minutes earlier, 60 names echoed somberly off stone walls as dozens gathered outside the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.

Those names belonged to every law enforcement officer in Wyoming to have died in the line of duty, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.

Every one of them, along with the 25,783 others to have died nationwide, answered a higher calling to serve their communities while continuing a tradition of service laid down by their predecessors, according to Campbell County Sheriff Scott Matheny, who addressed the dozens gathered on Wednesday, May 18, formally known as Peace Officer Memorial Day.

Within the walls of the CCSO, Matheny said, there is an inscription that reads, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

“I believe that is what our profession is all about,” Matheny continued. “Good men and women doing something so evil will not triumph.”

In communities across the United States, residents go about their daily lives, secure in their belief that their paths to and from work are safe from criminals and people who may wish them harm, Matheny said, and that sense of security can sometimes be taken for granted.

“What makes it possible, what makes freedom possible, are the law enforcement officers that we honor today,” Matheny said. “It’s the men and women like so many of you, anyone who has ever put on a uniform or worn a badge in the name of law, in the name of order, in the name of protecting the community and the United States of America.”

It only takes the actions of a few to alter the public’s perception of the many when it comes to law enforcement, Matheny said, which is why it is important that they remind each other every day that the authority they wield is part of a sacred trust placed in them.

“To all officers gathered here today- retired or active- please know that your service and your sacrifice are highly valued by the citizens of Campbell County,” Matheny said. “I believe we do not always hear the words ‘thank-you’ nearly enough, but I urge you to keep doing what you are doing.”

Fallen Wyoming Law Enforcement Officers: 

Dwaine L. Hardigan

Charles M. Cosby

Alfred Henry Bath

C.E. Pierce

Craig Leo Schulte

Robert Widdowfield

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George F. Radden

George “Bill” Stanford

Dennis Merwin Shuck

Jack Norwood Jernigan10

Hugh C. Petrie

Charles Henry Edwards, Jr.

Daniel C. Hansen

Bryan Phillip Gross

Josia Hazen

Steve M. Crerar

Jon Roy Hardy

Clifford E. Smith

Mark Lamonte “Mont” Mecham

Edward Goodfellow20

Frank Bedford McFarlane

George Edward Price

Edward L. Lloyd

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Robert Arthur VanAlyne, Jr.

Norbert E. Tuck

Arthur Emil Osborn

Frank B. Roach

Adolph Cuny

Grant Neeley

Tom Majors

W.C. Ricker

D.M. Baker

Anthony Bernard Nelson

Charles Lewis

Delavan Lewis Dixon

Thomas J. Kling

John Baxter

Michael Angel Rosa40

Thomas Harris

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William S. McPherren

William H. Veach

Edward Phillips

Boyd L. Hall

William H. Edwards

Harley Lorenze Mark

Charles B. Holden

Edward N. Dawes

Bill Miller50

Louis Falkenburg

Wayne Martinez

Orville Lee Ventling

Ed Samuelson

Kirk D. Inberg

Clifford Dean Stevens

Bill Lakanen

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Don Simpson

John Buxton

Chris S. Logsdon

Peter Visser

George Walter Henderson, II

Fallen Wyoming K9s:

K9 Robbie

K9 Nyx

K9 Koa