Game on! Check out the 2022 Wyoming high school football schedules released this week

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

By Briar Napier

Ready for some Friday football?

The Wyoming High School Activities Association (WHSAA) released 2022 football schedules for its member schools this week, with the state’s top level and biggest class (Class 4A) full of intriguing matchups later this year.

Teams within will battle all the way from opening weekend in August to November’s state finals at War Memorial Stadium in Laramie. Sheridan is the defending Class 4A champion, having beaten Rock Springs in last year’s state title game.

Check out the upcoming matchups scheduled for this fall below in Class 4A. Home teams are listed first and area schools are bolded:

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NOTE: Schedules for other classes can be found on the WHSAA website.

Week 0 (Aug. 26)

  • Sheridan vs. Cheyenne (Central)
  • Cheyenne (East) vs. Gillette (Campbell County)
  • Gillette (Thunder Basin) vs. Cheyenne (South)
  • Laramie vs. Casper (Natrona County)
  • Casper (Kelly Walsh) vs. Rock Springs

Week 1 (Sept. 2)

  • Cheyenne (Central) vs. Casper (Kelly Walsh)
  • Casper (Natrona County) vs. Cheyenne (East)
  • Cheyenne (South) vs. Sheridan
  • Laramie vs. Gillette (Campbell County)
  • Rock Springs vs. Gillette (Thunder Basin)

Week 2 (Sept. 9)

  • Cheyenne (Central) vs. Casper (Natrona County)
  • Gillette (Thunder Basin) vs. Cheyenne (East)
  • Casper (Kelly Walsh) vs. Cheyenne (South)
  • Sheridan vs. Laramie
  • Gillette (Campbell County) vs. Rock Springs

Week 3 (Sept. 16)

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  • Gillette (Thunder Basin) vs. Cheyenne (Central)
  • Cheyenne (East) vs. Laramie
  • Cheyenne (South) vs. Gillette (Campbell County)
  • Casper (Kelly Walsh) vs. Casper (Natrona County)
  • Rock Springs vs. Sheridan

Week 4 (Sept. 23)

  • Laramie vs. Cheyenne (Central)
  • Rock Springs vs. Cheyenne (East)
  • Casper (Natrona County) vs. Cheyenne (South)
  • Gillette (Campbell County) vs. Casper (Kelly Walsh)
  • Sheridan vs. Gillette (Thunder Basin)

Week 5 (Sept. 30)

  • Cheyenne (Central) vs. Cheyenne (South)
  • Sheridan vs. Cheyenne (East)
  • Casper (Natrona County) vs. Rock Springs
  • Laramie vs. Casper (Kelly Walsh)
  • Gillette (Thunder Basin) vs. Gillette (Campbell County)

Week 6 (Oct. 7)

  • Cheyenne (East) vs. Cheyenne (Central)
  • Rock Springs vs. Cheyenne (South)
  • Gillette (Campbell County) vs. Casper (Natrona County)
  • Casper (Kelly Walsh) vs. Sheridan
  • Gillette (Thunder Basin) vs. Laramie

Week 7 (Oct. 14)

  • Gillette (Campbell County) vs. Cheyenne (Central)
  • Cheyenne (South) vs. Cheyenne (East)
  • Casper (Natrona County) vs. Sheridan
  • Casper (Kelly Walsh) vs. Gillette (Thunder Basin)
  • Rock Springs vs. Laramie

Week 8 (Oct. 21)

  • Cheyenne (Central) vs. Rock Springs
  • Cheyenne (East) vs. Casper (Kelly Walsh)
  • Laramie vs. Cheyenne (South)
  • Casper (Natrona County)vs. Gillette (Thunder Basin)
  • Sheridan vs. Gillette (Campbell County)
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