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Carter’s Critters: Candy


Candy is a young female feline with very beautiful colors. She came to the shelter very pregnant and gave birth to seven healthy kittens. The kittens have been adopted and now it is mama’s turn.

She is a gorgeous tortoiseshell who loves a quiet life, according to shelter staffers via Petfinder, who say this lovable cat is friendly, gentle, and affectionate.

Candy is litterbox trained and is now sprayed with all her proper vaccinations.

She does not like dogs, but can get used to a house with other cats. She will just need some encouragement throughout the process. She would also be good in a home with children.

This gorgeous girl is sure to bring so much love into your home, the staffer said.

To learn more about Candy and other adoptable pets nearby, contact the City/County Animal Shelter or visit their Petfinder page.

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