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Carter’s Critters: Mousey and Isis

Mousey and Isis

It’s a two for one special with this mother son duo. Mousey and Isis are the perfect pair of cats for your home. They are both loving and affectionate.

According to shelter staffers via Petfinder,  Mousey & Isis are both house trained, vaccinated, and sprayed and neutered. They are great with other cats and children.

Both of them love to cuddle and are super curious about the world around them.

Mousey, the son, is more playful and loves his toys. While Isis, the mother, is a bit more lackadaisical.

They would make a great addition to any home that has windows for them to look outside and enjoy the sun coming in.

To learn more about Mousey & Isis and other adoptable pets nearby, contact the City/County Animal Shelter or visit their Petfinder page.

Both Mousey and Isis are not at the shelter and are a part of our rehoming program. Please call the shelter at 307-686-5249 for more information.

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