PD investigating multiple vehicle break-ins

Police Lights

GILLETTE, Wyo.— Thievery ran rampant Wednesday night with multiple break-ins reported where the suspects stole wallets, cash, loose change, and other items from unlocked vehicles, Gillette police said Friday.

Multiple incidents were reported where the suspects, at some point during the night, reportedly entered unlocked vehicles in the areas of Monte Vista Lane and Sammye Avenue, according to Gillette Deputy Chief of Police Brent Wasson.

It is possible that some of the break-ins are related, Wasson said on March 11, adding that the information has been passed on to the GPD detective division for investigation.

The first report came in at 7:56 a.m. where a 25-year-old female reported that her purse and wallet had been stolen from her unlocked 2015 Ford that was parked on Sammye Avenue, Wasson said, adding that both items were later recovered by a 41-year-old female who found them on Boxelder and that only a set of keys was missing.

Another report came in at 9:12 a.m. from Monte Vista Lane, Wasson said, adding that the suspects had stolen approximately $135-worth of gift cards from an unlocked 2014 Chevrolet belonging to a 19-year-old female.

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At 10:32 a.m., officers received a report from a 67-year-old male who stated he found suspicious footprints going to and from his vehicle, which had been locked and the suspects were not able to gain entry, per Wasson.

A fourth report came in at 10:32 a.m., this one from Sammye Avenue where a 53-year-old male reported his wallet and change bag with $12 in change inside had been stolen from his unlocked 2004 Lexus, Wasson said.

At 11:02 a.m., officers on Ohara Drive were told of another incident by a 59-year-old male who reported 22 $1 car wash tokens had been stolen from his unlocked Ford sedan, according to Wasson.

A 38-year-old female called the police to report yet another incident, this one on Overland Trail where the suspects reportedly entered her unsecured garage and rummaged through her husband’s tools, Wasson said, adding that the suspects also took the female’s purse that contained $20 cash from her vehicle.

At approximately 4 p.m., a 66-year-old female called the police to report that someone had entered her unlocked Dodge SUV and rummaged through the center console. Nothing appeared to be missing, according to Wasson.