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Travel impacts moderate with windchills plummeting to ‘dangerously low levels’ tonight

Westover Road looking west along Interstate 90 (Ryan Lewallen/County17).

GILLETTE, Wyo.—Blustery conditions could drive already sub-zero temperatures down another 20 degrees tonight as arctic weather continues to move across northeastern Wyoming, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Starting not long after sundown, current temperatures of around minus two and wind chill values hovering around -25 could drop as low as -11 degrees below zero with wind chill values around -40, according to a Feb. 21 NWS-issued Winter Weather Advisory.

Predicted wind chill values could cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as ten minutes, per NWS, which adds that arctic temperatures will continue to be accompanied by blowing snow with as much as two to five inches of accumulation and gusts as high as 35 mph possible.

Residents venturing outside onto Wyoming roadways should exercise caution with the blustery conditions severely hampering visibility and creating slick roads through Feb. 22, NWS says.

As of Feb. 21, most roads leading away from Gillette show only moderate weather impacts, according to the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT), except for N. Highway 59 which is currently experiencing high weather impacts north to the Wyoming-Montana border.

I-90 and Hwy 51, however, do indicate high weather impacts and slick roadways east of Rozet that continue into South Dakota, per WYDOT.

Roadways heading west on Hwy 387 from the junction with Hwy 50 are also showing high weather impacts, a trend that continues west to Midwest and then south into Casper, according to WYDOT.