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Carter’s Critters: Lydia



Lydia is a domestic short hair who is part of the shelter’s rehoming program, according to her profile on Petfinder.

She’s friendly, affectionate, gentle, independent, quite, funny, and quite the couch potato! She is house trained, current on all of her shots, and has been spayed.

“Lydia is a 3 year old tabby cat with a unique personality. She loves taking naps and playing with her toys. She’s kind of shy when she meets new people, but once she gets comfortable with someone she enjoys lots of attention and cuddles. Sometimes when she’s very playful she like to play attack your feet,” according to her profile.

Lydia is not necessarily a fan of dogs, but she may be able to adapt. She is probably best being an only cat. She loves to be around people and enjoys being able to see what is going on.

To learn more about Lydia and other adoptable pets nearby, contact the City/County Animal Shelter or visit their Petfinder page.

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