State GOP selects three superintendent candidates despite lawsuit threat

Former Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jillian Balow, during a press conference in April 2020. (Micheal Pearlman/Office of Gov. Mark Gordon)

By Maggie Mullen, WyoFile

UPDATE: A lawsuit was filed Tuesday morning in the United States District Court for the District of Wyoming. The 16 plaintiffs from various political party backgrounds include: John B. “Jack” Speight, Rex Arney, Robin Hurless, Christopher O. Boswell, Tamsin Johnson, Doug Camblin, Tom Lubnau, Anne Ladd, Kathy Vetter, Steve Simonton, Dan Neal, George Simonton and Gail Symons. Former lawmakers Charles Pelkey, Ruth Ann Petroff and David Northup signed on as well. Northrup was among the applicants the committee did not select on Saturday. The suit names Wyoming GOP Chairman Frank Eathorne, the Wyoming Republican State Central Committee and Gov. Mark Gordon as defendants. —Ed.

Despite the threat of legal actionthe Wyoming GOP selected three candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction at its Central Committee meeting on Saturday. Now, process skeptics have said they will file a lawsuit in federal district court asking the judge to rule whether the voting process used over the weekend was unconstitutional, and to prevent Gov. Mark Gordon from choosing a replacement until the Central Committee complies.


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