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3 nominees for commissioner to be decided Tuesday

The Campbell County Republican Party Central Committee will decide Tuesday on the three finalist to forward to the Board of Commission to fill an unexpired seat vacated by DG Reardon.

The Campbell County Republican Party Central Committee has work to do as it will sift through nine applicants for the Board of Commission. The applicants are vying for the unexpired term vacated by DG Reardon on Jan. 6.

There were only two names submitted going into the final day, but a handful beat the 3 p.m., Friday, Jan. 14 deadline to give the party a large group from which to choose.

The applicants, which must be a Campbell County resident, are Doug Griffis, Ian Scott, John Haivala, Don Hamm, Charlene Camblin, Traci Barkey, John Robertson, Jim Ford and Lee Boyd. Campbell County Republican Party Central Committee Chairperson Heather Herr confirmed Saturday the nine applicants met the deadline.

Now that the candidates have been formalized, it’s up to the Party to choose three nominations beginning at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Heritage Center at Cam-Plex. The meeting is open to the public.

The three selections will then be forwarded to the commissioners who will have 20 days to choose who will fill the seat that expires this year, even though a decision could by reached as soon as the end of the week.

The position on the board opened when Reardon resigned at the start of the year, citing family reasons for his reason to step away.

Things to know about Tuesday’s meeting

Residency and registration

Any question of eligibility of an applicant with respect to residency and registration are to be directed to the Chairperson who shall render a decision based on information contained on the current Republican voter registration information supplied by the Office of the Campbell County Clerk.

Presentation and question/ answer of all applicants

Each of the applicants may make a presentation not to exceed two two minutes in length and will present a statement to the Central Committee members. After each applicant’s presentation, he/she will answer two questions from the Campbell County Republican Party Executive Committee.

Every applicant will receive the same two questions. Applicants will have one one minute to respond to each question. Applicants not then addressing the Central Committee will be held in a waiting room other than the meeting room.

Primary Vote

A primary vote shall commence to reduce the field to six applicants. The Teller Committee will then report the top six persons receiving the most votes to the Chairman. In case of a tie for the sixth position, there will be an immediate secret ballot to select one from among the two or more tied applicants to fill the sixth position. If a tie still exists, the applicants shall draw lots to determine which one will occupy the sixth position.

Final Vote

All in attendance may be present for this vote. After the questioning by the Central Committee, voting by secret ballot will commence for three names from among the final remaining Applicants. After counting the ballots, the Teller Committee will then report the three persons receiving the highest vote totals to the Chairman.

In the event of a tie on the first ballot that results in more than three final names, the Teller Committee shall distribute blank ballots for the members to vote to break the tie as directed by the Chairperson.

In the event of a tie after, the second ballot there will be a repeat vote in an effort to break the tie. If after the third ballot there is still a tie, the applicants shall draw lots to determine which ones will occupy the tied positions.

General provision regarding rules and procedures

All rules and procedures not otherwise provided by state law or the by-laws of the Wyoming Republican Party or the by-laws of the Campbell County Republican Party are determined by Chairman of the Campbell County Republican Party Heather Herr. Changes to these rules or the decisions of the Chairman may be made by majority vote of Central Committee members.

Participation and voting in the meeting

Members of the Campbell County Central Committee and applicants whose applications were timely received are the only persons qualified to participate in the meeting. No nominations or nomination speeches are allowed on the floor. Only the County Central Committee can vote in the meeting which must open to the public.

Absent member

A Central Committee Member eligible to vote, but unable to attend the meeting, may give his or her signed, written proxy which conforms to the by-laws of the Wyoming Republican Party and the Campbell County Republican Party to a designated person who is a registered Republican residing within the same precinct. No person shall be allowed to vote more than two proxies.



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