Commissioner Reardon resigns via letter to the board

Commissioner DG Reardon (Campbell County photo)

After three years of service, Campbell County Commissioner DG Reardon resigned from his position. His resignation was announced via a letter during Wednesday morning’s commission meeting which Commissioner Reardon did not attend.

Chairman Bob Maul read the letter publicly.

“It is with a heavy heart that I offer my resignation from the Campbell County Board of Commissioners effective Jan. 6, 2022. My personal situation has changed in that my family has moved to another community to pursue their careers, and my wife and I have chosen to follow them,” Commissioner Reardon’s letter read.

“If I have learned anything over the last two years, it is that Covid is real, and it can change or even destroy your life in a very short time period. Having lost friends and family over the last two years, I’ve chosen to remain as close to my family as possible. I’m proud of what the Board of Commissioners has been able to accomplish in one of the most trying times in Campbell County history, or at least in the last couple generations. I will forever have Campbell County in my heart and soul as I venture off into the next chapter of my life. I wish the Board well and thank my constituents that trusted me to help lead Campbell County over the last three years.”

Commissioner Reardon, who previously served as chairman of the board, drew the praise of fellow commissioner Del Shelstad.

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“DG served as our chairman during the pandemic, and then the beginning of that, the shutdown. An extremely tough job – we would all have to admit that,” Shelstad told the board and the audience. “He was tasked with trying keeping order not only in this commission, but in our community. And he did a great job with, not only that, but was also chairman when we had our Black Jewel debacle. We’re going to miss DG, he did a wonderful job.”

Reardon, who spent his career in the energy industry, was elected to the Board of Commissioners in November 2018. At that time, he was the regional manager of Surface Mining for Bridon Bekaert The Ropes Group.

Prior to joining Bridon Bekaert, Reardon worked for P&H MinePro/Joy Global for 11 years serving in several roles, including the General Manager role, before retiring from Joy Global in October 2015.

Reardon started his mining career with the Kiewit Mining Group, working at the corporate office in Sheridan and Black Butte Coal in Rock Springs. He spent ten years with Kiewit prior to moving to Gillette in 1990 to continue his mining career.

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The outgoing commissioner holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Wyoming in Soil Science and has worked in the mining industry since his graduation in 1980. He has been married for 40 years to Cindy Reardon, and they have one son and two grandchildren.

Filling a vacancy

Reardon’s resignation will trigger Wyoming statutes which govern the selection of a new commissioner when a vacancy occurs. The process, outlined in Wyo. Statute § 18-3-524, states that within 20 days of a position becoming vacant, the board of commissioners shall give notice of the vacancy to the central committee of the political party the commissioner represented.

As Reardon was elected as a Republican, the Campbell County Republican Central Committee will have 20 days after receiving notice of the vacancy to select three names to fill the vacancy and transmit the names to the board of commissioners.

The board of commissioners will then have 20 days to select a replacement from the names submitted by the central committee. If the board of commissioners fails to choose a replacement from the names submitted by the central committee, then any qualified elector in the county may request the seat be filled by a district judge.