Removal of Twin Spruce Junior High School namesake trees underway

The beginning touches of removing the two iconic spruce trees after nearly 90 years started early Monday morning at Twin Spruce Junior High School, (RJ Morgan/County 17)

The removal of the two iconic spruce trees at the end of Gillette Avenue at 7th Street in the front lawn of Twin Spruce Junior High School began early Monday morning. The crew responsible for bringing down the trees that are the school’s namesake started by removing the branches from bottom to top.

The trees, which have stood since Franklin D, Roosevelt was president, are being removed for safety concerns as they are beginning to lean. They have stood in place since 1934 when it was Campbell County High School.

The building was built in 1924 when it opened as the high school. The pair of spruce trees were planted 10 years later.

The high school moved from that location after the 1972 school year to its current location. That’s when Twice Spruce Junior High School was born, named after the trees that grace the front of the school and can been seen from all parts of Gillette Avenue.

It was decided earlier this month that for safety concerns of students in the building as the trees are dying early because of disease and leaning toward the building, that it’s time for their removal after nearly nine decades.

In 1998, two new spruce trees were planted near the current ones in anticipation of this day in order to carry on the tradition. However, the day has come to bid farewell to the namesakes.

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The removal of both 68-foot trees should be complete by the end of Tuesday.