TikTok threats against schools ‘not credible’, investigations find

Local officials do not believe threats of violence against schools that are circulating nationally on the social media app TikTok are cause for concern in Campbell County.

The threats in question emerged earlier this week in a TikTok trend warning that multiple school shootings would occur today, Dec. 17, and appears to encourage students to bring firearms to school.

A request for comment on how the threats are being handled within the Campbell County School District to Superintendent Alex Ayers was not returned of press time, however, the threats have prompted several other school districts across the state to take precautionary measures, according to Cowboy State Daily.

So far, school districts in Natrona, Uinta, Laramie, and Park counties have all increased law enforcement presence at their schools in response to the threats, though school district leadership all maintain that none of the threats are credible and are not cause for concern.

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In Campbell County, however, no credible threats have emerged, according to Gillette Police Corporal Steve Dillard, who said on Dec. 17 that thus far, all they have seen locally is sharing of content concerning school districts out of state.

Gillette Police Corporal Kelly Alger added Friday morning that most of the threatening content being shared locally does not appear to be original content and is more of a copy and paste situation.

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In a Dec. 16 statement on Twitter, TikTok announced that they take all threats seriously, even rumored ones, and are working with law enforcement agencies across the country to investigate warnings about potential violence at schools.

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“We’ve exhaustively searched for content that promotes violence at schools today, but we still have found nothing,” TikTok tweeted Friday. “What we find are videos discussing this rumor and warning others to be safe.”

As of Dec. 17, investigations, both internally by TikTok and externally by federal law enforcement agencies, have determined there is no credible threat.

“We’re working to remove alarmist warnings that violate our misinformation policy,” TikTok concluded. “If we did find promotion of violence on our platform, we’d remove and report it to law enforcement.”