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Carter’s Critters: Ruger



Ruger is a German Shepherd & Border Collie mix according to his profile on Petfinder. He is friendly, affectionate, playful, curious, brave, funny, athletic, and loves kisses.

“Ruger is just a young pup that is ready to be a part of someone’s family,” a staffer said.

Ruger was surrendered to the shelter because he kept running off and causing trouble with the neighbors.

He’s great with other dogs, cats, and children. Ruger was mainly an outdoor dog in his previous home, so he’s going to need some basic training.

Ruger is 8 months hold and has all of his shots and has been neutered.

“Ruger absolutely loves people and is very smart. He is going to be a wonderful addition to any household,” a staffer said.

To learn more about Ruger and other adoptable pets nearby, contact the City/County Animal Shelter or visit their Petfinder page.

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