Divorces through Nov. 27

Public Info: Divorces brought to you with the support of Wilkerson Law Group

Divorces were granted to the following parties by Campbell County courts.

Brenna Lynn Cavanaugh (NKA: Brenna Lynn Wright) and Seth Michael Cavanaugh

Sabrina Lacey Ehmke (FKA: Sabrina Lacey Lake) and Justin Scott Lake

Madyline Kollen Moceika (NKA: Madyline Kollen Lee) and Tyler Anthony Moceika

Brett McEntire and Anastasia Marie McEntire (NKA: Anastasia Marie Lunberg)

Roy Thomas Seeman and Debra Lynn Seeman (FKA: Debra Lynn Rothleutner)


Information obtained weekly from the Campbell County Clerk of District Court.