Campbell County gifts Lusk a patrol car

Campbell County Commissioners approved the donation of a retired sheriff’s patrol car to the Lusk Police Department. The department is in dire need of a vehicle after losing one of its cars in recent weeks. (Photo courtesy of Campbell County)

Fleet Manager Tony Langone asked commissioners on Tuesday if Campbell County could spread a little holiday joy with a much-needed gift to the Town of Lusk in the form of a retired patrol car.

The commissioners made it happen as they unanimously approved the donation. The county will transfer an out-of-service sheriff’s 2016 Dodge Charger with 125,000 miles.

“We always try to be a good neighbor,” Board chairman Bob Maul said.

The Lusk Police Department unexpectedly lost a unit earlier in the month and reached out to Campbell County in hopes it had a retired vehicle it could donate.

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“On Nov. 4, I received a message from Bo Krein, the police chief down in Lusk, that they had an incident with one of their vehicles and had a catastrophic failure,” Langone explained. “He reached out to see if we happened to have a piece of equipment that we might be able to donate to them.”

Langone had a conversation with Campbell County Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds to see if the department could help the Lusk police force with a replacement car out of the retired fleet.

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The timing was right as the county had three patrol vehicles that were taken out of service and prepared for auction.

“This is something we have done in the past for other local communities and counties around the state that have fallen on hard times that didn’t have it in the budget to take care of,” Maul said.

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Campbell County has in the past helped smaller departments in need of a vehicle that still has use, including Lusk.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if the vehicle they had a catastrophic failure actually came from us,” Langone said. He added that the county last assisted Lusk in 2017.

The value of the stripped vehicle is $7,500 and had not yet been included into the county’s budget. There are still two retired patrol cars the county has on hand that will go to auction.