Marriages: Week of Nov. 7

Public Info: Marriages | Congratulations to our new couples from Wilkerson Law Group

Congratulations to these couples who recently received marriage licenses from the Campbell County Clerk.

William Eugene Roenfeld (Gillette) and Destiny Moelter (Gillette)

Lawrence Fredric Spradlin (Gillette) and Kia Xan Rassbach (Gillette)

Alexis Munoz Almanza (Gillette) and Jacely Paola Escarcega Cruz (Gillette)

Juan Antonio Rios Dominguez (Gillette) and Rosa Elena Acosta Zamarripa (Gillette)

Kyle Jordan Lawrence (Gillette) and Jennifer Lynn Jones (Gillette)

Colton Allen Gammon (Gillette) and Allison Renee Bitterman (Gillette)

Paul Lewis Nickoson (Gillette) and Catina Elaine Phillips (Gillette)

Sterling Evan Smith (Gillette) and Emily Grace Price (Gillette)

Alex Robert Larson (Surrey, ND) and Hailey Lynn Babcock (Surrey, ND)


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